The Horde and Alliance Elixirs Quest

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Elixirs is one of three specializations available to World of Warcraft characters who have selected alchemy as one of their primary trade skills. The other specializations are potions and transmutations.

The Horde and Alliance Elixirs Quest

World of Warcraft characters who have a skill of at least 300 in Alchemy, are level 68, and have the Burning Crusade Expansion installed can choose to specialize in Elixirs. The quest requires the character to turn in items that may be purchased from an auction house or crafted by the alchemist. The elixirs trainer, Lorokeem, can be found in Shattrath.

Items Required for the Elixirs Quests

  • 10 Essences of Infinity
  • 5 Elixirs of Major Defense
  • 5 Elixirs of Mastery
  • 5 Elixirs of Major Agility

World of Warcraft Alchemist characters can make the last three items or purchase them from an auction house. The Essences of Infinity are an item that drops off of Rift Lords and Rift Keepers in Black Morass.

Potions Specialization Considerations

Items produced using an elixirs recipe have a chance 10-25% chance of producing an additional item. The process can happen up to four times with each use of an elixirs recipe, with the next item being made having a 10-25% chance of producing a new item. Flasks, an alchemy item introduced with the Burning Crusade, will also have a chance to duplicate when the abilities from the elixir alchemy specialization is used. The process can be repeated four times after the initial crafting so any use of the elixirs specializatoin results in a 1-5 items being produced.

A character may choose only one alchemy specialization. Specializations for other trade skills may be switched, but this is not the case for ones installed after the Burning Crusade.