WoW Bladefist Axe

NameLevelReq. LevelDPSSpeedSlotSourceType
Bladefist Axe
36312.32.60One HandLooted One-handed Axe
Bladefist Axe
Item Level 36
Binds when equipped
One Hand
3 - 8 Damage
Speed 2.60
(2.3 damage per second)
+2 Agility
+2 Stamina
Requires Level 31
Sell Price: 68 82 56

Dropped By (5)

Name Zone Level React Type %
Twilight Pillager
A Humanoid0.03%
out of 7,511
Hell Hound
A H Elemental (Core Hound)0.02%
out of 1,339,255
Unbound Smoldering Elemental
A H Elemental0.01%
out of 2,248,720
Ghostly Cook
A H Undead0.008%
out of 62,166
Lieutenant Shara
<The Twilight's Hammer>
A H Humanoid0.003%
out of 71,915

Contained In (2)

Name Level Req. Level Source Type %
Elementium Lockbox
32Looted Junk0.3%
out of 56,138
Big Crate of Salvage
4040Unobtainable Other0.05%
out of 16,713,433

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