What Are The WoW Macro Commands?

I just got done reading through how to setup a WoW macro on your site. It was really good as it taught me how to setup a macro but it really isn’t very useful without the World of Warcraft macro commands that I can use. So, what are the WoW macro commands I can use in macros?

I’m glad that other post I created was able to help you setup macros and I agree that it wasn’t the most useful macro you could create. The main thing to remember with macros is that you can use any slash command in World of Warcraft in your macros.

Some of the slash commands are not the most useful and there are some that are used way more than other ones.

Probably the most used macro command I have used is “/assist “. What this command does is assists the targeted player which will switch your targeting from that player to the monster that player is fighting. Very useful in raids for example if the off-tank needs to support the main tank.

One other great macro command is “/cast (spell subtext)”. An example of this would be “/cast Fireball (Rank 1)” to cast the rank 1 fireball. When creating a macro in which you want to cast a certain spell you can shift-click the spell in the spellbook and it will add the correct /cast command to cast that spell. That saves a lot on typing.

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You can also use “%t” in the macro text to insert the targeted monster, player, or creature into the macro. For example, you can “/say Hi %t” and if you have Apadwe targeted it will say “Hi Apadwe”.

You can mix and match a whole lot of these together as long as the macro isn’t over 255 characters long to create your own macros. They are really useful to keep yourself from typing the same thing over and over again such as advertising your Auction House items.

Common slash commands used in macros are:

/script (use this if you know the UI programming script and want to do some from the UI)

Those are the most basic WoW macro commands that you can use. There is so much stuff available to do with macros it is extremely hard to list everything right here. If there is a specific action you want your macro to take please submit it as a question and I will do my best to add it to the site.

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