What Exactly Is A Premade?

What EXACTLY is a premade? I see people on the Trade channel asking for a premade Battleground.

Premades are simply just players who group up together in order to do a battleground before actually jumping in the battleground queue. Pretty simple, eh?

These can be sometimes difficult to setup and get running for a few hours as it seems players come and go fairly quickly in a premade group.

You are seeing people asking for a premade in the Trade channel because it really can give you HUGE honor points if the group works together well and has fairly good PvP gear. Premades in Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin, and Eye of the Storm don’t require any additional addons in order to get grouped up together. Just form a raid group, fill it up with good players, have everyone jump on Ventrilio (or Teamspeak), and work together in order to totally wipe out your opponents, which in turn give you tons of honor points. A whole lot more than just jumping in battlegrounds by yourself.

AV premades a bit more tricky because it requires the use of AV Preform Enabler and getting 40 people working together is somewhat difficult to do at times.

So, next time you see someone looking for a premade you will know that they mean.

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