What Is The Complete WoW Emote List?

I am wanting to know the complete list of emotes for World of Warcraft. I know a lot of them but a complete WoW emote list would be great!

World of Warcraft emotes are always fun to do and especially if you use some of the not so well known emotes, you can really surprise your friends. The WoW emote list is split up into Animated emotes and Non-animated emotes for easier viewing. As a rule of reading through this, you must use at least one not so well known emote next time you are in-game. 

Just a quick note: Remember when trying these out you have to type “/emotename” (without the quotes) in order to get them to work. For example “/angry” (without the quotes) will do the Angry emote.

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Animated Emotes Non-Animated Emotes
Angry Agree
Applaud Amaze
Applause Apologize
Attacktarget Bark
Bashful Beckon
Beg Belch
Blow Bite
Blush Bleed
Boggle Blink
Bow Blood
Bravo Bonk
Bye Bored
Cackle Bounce
Charge BRB
Cheer Burp
Chew Calm
Chicken Cat
Chuckle Catty
Clap Cold
Commend Comfort
Confused Cough
Congrats Cower
Congratulate Crack
Cry Cringe
Curious Cuddle
Curtsey Disappointed
Dance Doh
Drink Doom
Eat Drool
Farewell Duck
Feast Eye
Flap Fart
Flee Fear
Flex Fidget
Flirt Flop
Followme Food
Gasp Frown
Giggle Gaze
Gloat Glad
Golfclap Glare
Goodbye Grin
Greet Groan
Greetings Happy
Grovel Hug
Guffaw Hungry
Hail Impatient
Healme Introduce
Hello JK
Helpme Knuckles
Hi Lavish
Incoming Lick
Insult Listen
Kiss Massage
Kneel Moan
Lay Mock
Laydown Moon
Lie No
Liedown Nod
Lol Nosepick
Lost Panic
Mad Pat
Mourn Peer
OOM Pest
Openfire Pick
Party Pity
Peon Pizza
Plead Poke
Point Pounce
Ponder Praise
Pray Purr
Puzzled Raise
Question Rdy
Rasp Ready
Roar Rear
Rofl Scratch
Rude Sexy
Salute Shake
Shindig Shimmy
Shrug Shiver
Shy Shoo
Sit Sigh
Sleep Slap
Sob Smell
Strong Smirk
Strut Snarl
Surrender Snicker
Talk Sniff
Talkex Snub
Talkq Soothe
Taunt Sorry
Train Spit
Victory Spoon
Violin Stare
Wave Stink
Weep Surprised
Welcome Tap
Yes Tease

Remember to have fun with these and let me know what your favorite emotes are. My personal favorite is “/pat” and I use it every time I can whenever i’m being attacked by a little gnome. 

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