Wildstar PVP 2017 Guide

PvP stands for Player vs. Player and is a type of play where players can actually engage each other for fighting The term is meant to differentiate PvP play from the regular game world PvE, or Player vs. Environment play, which is generally regular world play like crafting, questing, running instances like raids, dungeons, or just roaming about the world freely

wildstar pvp


In addition to regular PvE elements like quests and dungeons, WildStar Online also has a robust PvP (player versus player) system. None of these are required, but for those wishing to take combat to their fellow players, there are a variety of options to consider:

  • Open World: players, if they wish, may engage in open world PvP against their fellow players of the opposite faction. (see rulesets below)
  • Duels: adventuring on Nexus is great and all, but there’s just no substitute for the visceral purity of going toe-to-toe with a friend or hated rival. Trash talking definitely not optional.
  • Arenas: Duels too small-scale to scratch that havoc-wreaking itch? Humiliate and demoralize in bulk by annihilating the opposing faction in 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 arena matches full of blood-soaked goodness.
  • Battlegrounds: sometimes the most dangerous game is the only one to play. So team up with nine buddies and lay waste to your enemies in 10v10 Battlegrounds.
  • Warplots: you and 39 of your most psychopathic friends should buy a Warplot, arm it to the teeth, and get ready for some hot death-fortress-on-death-fortress action.

Server Rulesets

Players can take part in the PvP types mentioned above on any server (duels, battlegrounds, etc), but the rules for open-world PvP differ depending on server -

  • PvE Servers: On a PvE Ruleset server, you may voluntarily flag yourself for PvP. In WildStar, there are some zones which are shared by both factions, in terms of PvE content. If you’re flagged, you may run into opposing faction individuals who have also voluntarily flagged themselves for PvP, and fight them. If you try to go into an opposing faction’s city, you will be automatically flagged for PvP.
  • PvP Servers: On a PvP Ruleset server, PvP flagging is determined based on the zone your character is in. If you are in a zone that is affiliated with your faction, you’re not flagged…but you may voluntarily flag yourself. If you are in a zone that is affiliated with the opposing faction, you are flagged for PvP. If you’re in a zone that is shared by both factions, you will be flagged for PvP. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to run into your enemy in a shared zone and slay the day away. If you try to go into an opposing faction’s city, you are flagged for PvP (though, this is redundant on a PvP server, because you’re likely in that faction’s zone anyway).


Special types of PvP, often called RP-PvP, involve RP (Role Play), where players are more free to engage others in fighting and act out real situations of lore or where threat of confrontation can be acted out.

How is Wildstar PVP?

PvP is in a pretty good spot. Most classes are relatively fun to play, and some more so than others.

All classes are in a decent spot. There will be some buffing and nerfing here and there, but we won't be able to have any say until the dev's post their notes.

Gear --- Everyone has access to the same gear/runes. So this is a good note. It just takes time depending on how much you play to fully rune your gear. Took me 2 weeks to rune 3 characters out, and gear them fully. 2-3 hours a day~.

The biggest turning point in this patch is runes. You literally do no damage if you do not have runes. Healing is terrible unless you have runes. The way they scale is dramatically high. So if you're new, and just purchasing gear, don't turn away if you're getting beat down.

PvP in Wildstar?

I wouldn't recommend an MMO for competitive PvP.

I played battlerite during it's little free weekend a month ago. That game was pretty great, requires 0 investment to really start having fun, all characters are unlocked. If you can get past the 20$ price wall, it's your best bet for arena style gameplay. I think they only do 2v2 & 3v3. Could be wrong.

If you say you need PvP and MMO I hear wildstar is pretty active in PvP at prime time for your server (US in it's evenings, and EU in it's evenings). I also hear US has warplot saturdays, although I've never attended one. Warplots were the 40v40 with more of an alterac valley feel (not zerg, but strategical mastery of the battleground itself).

There are also other games besides Wildstar & WoW. Guild wars 2 comes to mind with it's structured 5v5 moba-esque PvP and it's WorldvsWorldvsWorld which is one huge battleground for 3 servers. ESO is also pretty great, although I haven't touched it's PvP scene. It's close to GW2 WvWvW, but I hear more positive things about it than GW2's.

There are other MMO's too, but I think those are the most respected ones. I'm probably missing a couple.

EDIT: I'm not saying Battlerite has a competitive or Esports scene, but it's gameplay supports player skill > gear/farming like in MMO's and other MOBA's.

Wildstar Best PVP Class

There is no "best class." All classes have diffrent abilits and ways to make them good. And from patch to patch one certain class get a little more overpowered then the rest. Lets say warrior is more sustain dmg and deal huge amount of damage when a stalker is more about finnish of players/HitAndRun and have high burst insteed of warrior sustained damage. Both make a good amount of damage but in diffrent TTK. i can promise you this whatever class you choose to play it's not better or worst then any other classes

I would choose warrior->spellslinger->stalker->esper

Warrior/spellslinger are more forgiving then like an stalker and esper are in pvp,

So for a first class i would choose anyone of warrior/spellslinger, then move on if you get borred to a Esper or a Stalker


Choose the one you think looking most fun to play, watch youtube on every class i have movies from spellslinger/stalker/warrior..

Have a great day!

Wildstar Pvp Gear


While leveling via pvp has been nerfed, it can still be a lot of fun. If you want to be the most effective you can be in PvP at your level you should probably head over to the PvP vendors in your faction's city and talk to the NPC that has the title of Leveling PvP Gear. This gear will help you the most because it has two special stats:

PvP Power - increase your damage against other players PvP Defense - decrease the damage you take from other players

---For 50's---

Congrats on reaching level 50! (Please note that the following is based off my own limited time and research into the new WS: Reloaded patch and may not be 100% perfect, please assist if you know more stuff)

Step 1 : Head over to the PvP vendors in your faction's city and talk to the S2 PvP vendor. At the very top of this shop is the Season 2 PvP gear that is purchasable with gold! Select the Assault / Support tab then get everything! (I believe the total cost is around 1 Plat, note that you get this much from about 2 games)

Finding things: If you don't know where something is in the city, speak with a guard, they have lots of options. Note: If you have any Prestige you will probably want to buy a couple slots of Prestige PvP gear at this stage. Weapon being a priority.

Step 2 : Get your contracts and quests. In your factions main city you want to go to the contracts board and pickup some pvp contracts. Most importantly you only want to pickup the ones that you're going to be able to do, so if you see X Arena wins or Finish a Warplot but you don't plan to Warplot or Arena then dont get those.

Note: The Tier 1 contract is repeatable and rotates between a couple

  • Complete a battleground - win or lose

  • Get 20 kills / assists - doable in most battlegrounds (unless its a full stomp)

  • Earn 500 Prestige - this one is the money. This counts for the PvP bags that you earn from queuing up so always hold one(two if not PvP weekend) of the 300 Prestige bags in reserve. If you get this contract just open a bag and then hand in the contract right away and get a new one.

Step 3 : Queue for PvP! Press 'N' and go to the PvP tab. Now queuing for random Battlegrounds will net you bonus loot so you probably want to do that. If you plan on playing for awhile don't worry about hard queuing for the ones that fulfill your contracts, they will come up.

Step 4 : Upgrade to Prestige PvP Gear. Slowly purchase all the gear slots for Prestige, this should only take a couple hours. The one thing that you don't want to buy are the PvP Enhancers as they only add rune slots to your gear! Yes, they do not increase the stats of the item AT ALL. They also drop from the Win / Loss bags you get from each BG and you'll likely have extra soon enough.

Step 5 : Get runes! So the last stage of the gearing game is to put runes in your gear. Now while this may not seem important at first runes can give you a TON of stats and the people you've seen doing Godly damage in PvP are likely fully runed. While there are not a lot of guides out there currently for runes here's how they generally work.

Mini Rune Guide

Most slots have a corresponding Fusion rune, these have cool effects such as Full Strength (Chest) which increases your Vigor and Lifesteal based off your current HP. You'll probably want to figure out which Fusion rune works best for you in each item.

Next you have Base runes, Normal sets, and Class sets.

Class sets: These runes give you a rune set bonus but only look across one item and cannot stack (e.g. an Assault Stalker could use Garroter runes in an item to get cool effects). You can only use one of a type and quality of rune at a time but you can use the same rune multiple times at different qualities. This is a bit complex but basically you can use a purple level rune of crit hit chance and an orange level rune of crit hit chance in the same item but not two purples / oranges. Note that oranges count as two runes towards the set.

Normal sets: Just like class sets only you can benefit from them more than once (or so I've heard).

Base runes: Use as many as you like, no set bonuses though.