WoW Dragonflight Release Date USA EU Taiwan Korea ANZ Launch Time

WoW Dragonflight Release Date

The release date of WoW Dragonflight is November 28, 2022. Available on Windows/Mac. Mark Your Calendars: The Journey To The Dragon Isles Begins 28 November.

Release Date & Time Location

November 28


28* November

Americas (PST)

*To align with other regions, the Americas will launch slightly ahead of  29 November in local time.


29 November

Europe (CET)

29 November

Taiwan (CST)

29 November

Korea (KST)

29 November


WoW Dragonflight Release Date

Gather your friends and allies and make ready to soar into new adventures when the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight expansion goes live on 28 November.

The ancestral home of dragonkind—the Dragon Isles are awakening, and many long-forgotten secrets are waiting to be uncovered. Heed the call of the dragons as their ancient homelands are revealed once more, beckoning adventurers and treasure seekers alike to unravel the many mysteries waiting for them.

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