WoW Dungeons & Raids

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BlizzCon Dungeons and Raids Panel

The Dungeons & Raids Panel was a great panel to sit in on. From the insight Jeff Kaplan gave on the core design of a dungeon to the details Scott Mercer provided on encounter design, to some hot new info on upcoming dungeons and UI features to support raids.

A quick recap:

  • A new raid dungeon harder than Black Temple will be added before the expansion. Expect this to be the Sunwell Plateau with the final boss being Kil'Jaeden.
  • Blizzard would like to add another 5-person dungeon before the expansion.
  • Level cap of original WoW was first going to be 70, with Northrend and Outland included, but Blizzard realized their ambitions were bigger than both their budget and time allowed.
  • There will be one less max-level 5-person instance in WotLK compared to TBC because Jeff Kaplan feels that Heroics greatly supliment the need for an abundance of max-level dungeons.
  • Blizzard wants to do more 10-person instances in the future.
  • Blizzard wants to re-introduce Naxxramas in Northrend as a molten core level dungeon so more players can experience one of the best raid dungeons created.
  • "A lot more" Heroic badge rewards, better than current rewards, will be added with the Zul'Aman patch to help off-spec classes out with itemization gaps.
  • Jeff Kaplan would like to see the new Siege Weapons and Destroyable Buildings added to PvE content as well, but it's not something 100% yet.

Major UI Additions

Blizzard wants to add all of the following to the base UI:

  • Built-in itemrack-like system that allows you to swap gear sets quickly. One thing Blizzard will be able to offer that addons can't is real storage space for resist gear with this system.
  • Built-in threat meter for players so that managing threat is a bit easier.
  • Built-in Deadly Boss Mods-style boss warning system to allow better warnings for crucial situations.