How to making wow gold in legion?

Mining - I almost never have ore come back when I put it on the AH. The market is usually competitive for both Ley and Fel, and Infernal has its odd moments, but usually sells.
Herbalism (which I call salad mining) - All herbs sell, but the market can be fickle some days. Prices vary a great deal, so I typically post either very early or very late and avoid weekend auctions of these all together due to the undercut rush that starts on Friday.
Gems (cut or uncut, both sell) - Get the Boon of the Gemfinder enchant for your shoulders from the CoF. It pays for itself on the first sale and is basically free money every time a bag of gems drops.
Minion Quests - Every time there's a money quest, my minions are on it. They can bring in around 3K on a good day by themselves. With five level 110s it adds up quick, and I can send them out on my phone at work. If you do the daily emissary quests, you always have enough order resources for these.
And that's the story of how I broke 2 mil without really trying. I pay for our two accounts in gold and still make enough to swim in Scrooge McDuck style.

The best way I have found to make gold is by herbalism and Alchemy... You can make ancient healing potions and obliterate them it costs 180 seeds to make one obliterum or 63 potions... The cost if you buy the seeds at 2 gold pieces around $500 I think and you make close to $2,000 on each of literal I've been cleaning house

[jewelcrafting w/ mining] Raw gems from prospecting ore (I kid you not... you can make 10K-20K gold from one stack of ore, if you're lucky).
[blacksmithing w/ mining] Construct simple Demonsteel Stirrups and Leystone Hoofplates (I can spend an hour farming nodes w/ these on [save a few for myself], and sell the rest on the AH and make 10K-20K gold from it).
Overall, I can make 40K-60K gold a day just in a couple of hours of farming while listening to music.
Also, if you have the artifact fishing pole w/ Runescale Koi trait maxed out... you can make decent gold from that, as the proc rate of pools instantly fished up with a single cast can get you a stack of 200 of those in about 15-20 minutes in Suramar. They fluxuate from 2K-4K a stack on my realm.

I would say that with the newest expansion with obliterium that obliterium should sell pretty well for now at least. I imagine it's going to taper off in demand like it did before the new expansion but for now on my server it goes for like 2k per. Now in my opinion the most stable way to reliably gain gold would be herbs, potions, flasks, and gather enchants and ring enchants. Alchemy have proven to be very useful and valuable for raids with the ability to produce potions that can help recover Mana, flasks that persist through death and the ability to produce cauldrons that give a spirit flasks that gives a spec specific flask buff. Plus with starlight rose being as hard as it is to gather in the first place it will always have a huge market for it cuase it's needed to make some of the more potent potions and a necessary regant for flasks. Enchants are handy as well cause they give additional stats that are useful for overall gameplay and farming, especially for farming mats. As for gear cause I know thiers going to be a bit of butt hurt for not mentioning it as another method gear is rather hard to sell which is why I find the gear producing professions to be rather obsolete now with how easy it is to get good gear now in the first place. Before it served a huge purpose cuase it was very difficult to get good gear due to drops being a roll based system and not much dropping in the first place but now it's specific to you making crafted gear not needed as much plus it takes a lot of blood of sargeras in the first place to max it to 900. This is just my thoughts, opinions and experiences based off of what I found to be the most useful in the first place that can be farmed easily.
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How to make wow gold eu fastly?

Well, of course, you can buy gold from Blizzard using the WoW Token, and if you need a lot of it quickly, that's your best option. However, in terms of just learning to make a living in WoW for yourself, you have three basic methods:

1. Farming - killing things to get gold directly or indirectly from what they drop.

You can solo clear old dungeons and raids, and vendor or auction any items you get, to get gold. This is the least efficient method, but it's reliable, guaranteed, and does not require any special knowledge. You can make 10,000-15,000 once per week in 4 to 6 hours in old raids. I wrote a post with current values here

There are other things you can farm - you can farm for pets or mounts, or low-level gear that can be used for transmog. If you want reliable current videos, try Studen Albatroz. OldBess is also excellent, but has been inactive recently. Older methods may still work. Markets fluctuate.

2. The Auction House - buying and selling items.

You need to know how to use the AH to your advantage anyway; it's the centre of all trading. Take some time and watch these videos: Go to YouTube, channel xRaenboe, and watch the three videos (3-part series) A Starter's Guide To Making Gold on WoW. It's still the best basic tutorial available.

Once you know the basics, it is possible to make gold by "playing the auction house" - buying things when cheap and reselling when they're expensive, or buying up all the cheap things and relisting them at higher prices, or spotting some items that are heavily underpriced and snapping them up for resale. If you are new, though, and don't know the market on your realm, you are more likely to lose than to gain.

3. Professions.

This useless new armoury doesn't show me what professions you have. If you boosted professions, look up goldmaking methods using those professions. If you have no professions, you can take Herbalism and either Mining or Skinning, and then gather resources in the world to sell on the AH. It's a reliable but time-consuming method of making gold.

With crafting professions, you can buy or farm materials to craft into things that are useful to players, like gear or buff flasks, then sell those.

I can only tell you what helped me a lot in 7.2.5 and it should still be somewhat useful especially for a "newbie".

I watched one of the "how to make gold" videos on youtube (sorry not really sure which one it was exactly anymore) and it was basically about selling defiled augment runes, chaos crystals and potions of prolonged power. 

From what I´ve seen defiled runes are not really the best way to make a profit in 7.3 sadly unless you have tons of them. You get these runes for example in lfr or with champion missions. But as I said right now one goes for around 100 gold which I guess is still alright for some people but pre-7.3 it was around 400-500 gold.

Chaos crystal you can get by disenchanting purple gear from I believe 810 ilvl and higher. Just find an enchanting trainer and after that disenchant purple gear you no longer need or find etc. The price tends to float a lot but overall it is around 250-300. Sometimes when the price is below that it is better to wait a couple of days until it gets back up again. 

Potion of prolonged power you can make with blood of sargeras and crystal vial. The blood is really easy to get right now - world quests, champion quests etc. The crystal vial you can get from a vendor near alchemy trainer. Speaking of alchemy...Yes you need to visit alchemy trainer first. :) The reciept for this potion has the highest chance to drop from harpies in Val´sharah I believe. Or at least for me it took a couple of minutes on alts.

Overall the prices are different for each realm. After googling AH state for your realm the prices are really low right now. You could wait a couple of days to see if it gets better or maybe this gold making strategy is dead in 7.3 I really don´t know to be honest. If you are not planning to make millions however I guess this would be a good way to start. Also would be helpful if you do it on more character than just one.

Anyway that´s all I think.

Enjoy the game. :)
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