Best Way To Farm Blood Of Sargeras

I've been looking for easy ways to farm blood of sargeras with minimal effort in the forums, and I haven't found any. I've been always the AH type and farming Blood of Sargeras to craft stupid rare gems really got in my way. So I'll share what I'm doing nowadays to get them with low effort.


  • This is intended for your crafting alts, the ones that need the Blood of Sargeras (In my case, three jewelcrafting alts)
  • This is RNG heavy, but has been working for me just fine in the last week

  • Revered with The Wardens, as you need the Bloodhunter enchant in your shoulders
  • Park the char in a area with high mob density (the murloc island in Val'Sharah, or any raptor WQ place)

My aim is to take advantage of the "bad luck protection" that Blizz has implemented in the game, and log in with the chars, get a quick drop for Bloodhunter's Quarry, worth 1-5 Blood of Sargeras, log out, be back later.

So I've been logging every ~2 hours, and it's really easy to get your Bloodhunter's Quarry drop by pulling packs of 10+ mobs and slaughtering them, usually doesn't take more than 4-5 pulls of this kind to get it. I tried to log in every hour, but either I've been RNG screwed or this "bad luck protection" has more than 60mins CD

Hope this helps!

Blood of Sargeras

Fishing Locations

This item can be fished in Suramar (37), Stormheim (16), Highmountain (14), Azsuna (10), Val'sharah (8) and Thunder Totem (3).

Blood of Sargeras farming guides

The biggest issue with the shoulder enchant is that once you pick up/loot a Warden's Bounty it triggers an internal CD on the shoulders from procing again. 

Your best bet is to go somewhere like a Falcosaur area, and just kill thousands of them, and then after ten minutes loot all at once, and you'll get multiple bags before it triggers the shoulders. 

Most I've gotten is like 4-5 at once doing that, and the total bloods was like 14 or something.

Easiest way I've found it to have all my alts be tailors, and then when it's a tailoring WQ just turn in an easy to make pattern for free bloods. 

Also if you have alts that can use an instant WQ complete thing then use that on a high blood mission as well.

so i've been farming these all night tonight on my warrior for Blacksmithing. his other prof is mining. 
I spent a total of 8 hours farming Bloods, in a variety of ways, spending roughly an hour-ish on each method. Here are my thoughts and results: 

Farming/killing/mining the Fel Basilisks in Felsoul Hold, Surarmar. They respawn quite quickly, i could kill them, loot them, mine them and move on in about 10 seconds for a pack of 4-5. Doing this netted me a huge amount of Felslate (about 170) over the course of an hour, but only a couple Bloods.

Farming the falcosaurs in Aszuna. I tried killing each pack and looting and moving on, and then also tried killing all the packs on that island area before going back and looting. Neither approach worked well. I still averaged exactly 2 bags from shoulder enchant in the hour i tried each method. None at all dropped as loot from them, just the bags.
I then looked to Wowhead for mob loot tables for the Bloodhunter bags, and found 2 NPCs that seemed promising. Satleye Fishmonger's supposedly can be found in Azsuna, in the Hatecoil camp, around 54,37....however, i found every kind of "Salteye" murloc except the Fishmonger. I killed all the Fishmonger's anyway and got exactly zero Bloods.
The next NPC with highest drop rate according to Wowhead is the Felsworn Adepts on the Isle of Watchers. These were time-consuming to kill and after an hour, i had gotten zero Bloods.

The next method was by far the most successful. I spam-ran regular Heroic dungeons. I didn't feel like tanking and my Prot spec is low anyway, so i just farmed mobs while waiting for queue. I averaged 2 Bloods per dungeon run, with some dungeons giving me up to 5. Each dungeon took just about 15 minutes (even HoV and Upper Kara were quite quick). Over all, I netted 21 Bloods from running 9 dungeons. This will be my preffered method from now on. 

Note, this Rogue I'm logged on now has skinning....and when you have skinning...the game changes. get your shoulder enchant and hightail it to the falcosaurs. kill them and skin them and you will get just about the same amount of Bloods doing just that as running the 9 dungeons i had to do on my warrior. 

Hope this helps.

Different ways to farm Blood of Sargeras

First, there are one time only timepoints were you get alot of Blood of Sargeras. Which are from
* End of Zones rewards
* Big Questlines in Suramar

Profession Crafter World quests and Normal World Quests

Rewards from World quests can be 5 Blood of Sargeras.

Boon of the Bloodhunter enchant

This is a shoulder enchants that you can by from the Wardens when hitting revered reputation with them. This enchants gives you a chance to get Blood of Sargeras from dungeons/raids/mobs in The Broken Isles.

Dungeon and Raid Bosses

Loot from dungeon bosses can reward Blood of Sargeras. 

Herbalism Profession

Gathering Herbs will have a chance on getting Blood of Sargeras. For me I got the blood after hitting rank 3 in a special flower. However, hitting level 2 gives you “Find rare materials when gathering the specific herb”. So it is most likely that you can start farming the blood at level 2. 

Alchemy Profession

As Legion Alchemist you will eventually be able to perform “Wild Transmutation” which gives you a chance on discovering different Transmutes. One of them is called “Transmute: Blood of Sargeras”.

Meaning as an alchemist you can transmute Broken Isles Transmutagen into Blood of Sargeras.

Mining Profession

As mining in Legion you will have a chance to find Blood of Sargeras when mining all the various deposits in Legion. You need to be rank 3 on a special mining deposit to have a chance to find Blood of Sargeras when mining.