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The Black Market Auction House (or "BMAH") is a type of Auction House that gives players access to bid on items normally not sold by NPCs. It has relocated to the west side of the Ring of Blood in northern Nagrand (it was located just southeast of the Tavern in the Mists at the Veiled Stair [63.8, 75.8]). The Black Market is run by the mysterious Madam Goya <Leader of the Black Market>.The plan is that the market will not be a safe zone, making it an extremely dangerous place for those playing on a PvP realm.

The items for auction vary by server, as other servers are able to bid on various items.

Bids start in the 10,000-20,000 range and there is no buyout option. The sky is the limit when competing against other collectors for items. Mounts seem to start at 20,000, armor at 10,000, companions/pets at 10,000, and misc items at 10,000 - 15,000.

The auctions last for more than 12 hours and return your gold to you when outbid or the item upon winning. After winning, another item is not added to the auction house immediately. The number of items that are up for auction is not the same across all servers.

Where is the Black Market Auction House?

The Black Market Auction House is run by Madam Goya, who is located in Dalaran's Underbelly. Be careful navigating this area as this is a World PvP area!

Placing a Bid on the Black Market Auction House

  • Each Black Market Auction (with several exceptions) is up for 24 hours. Length is the same as the regular Auction House - Very Long, Long, Medium, and Short.
  • Items on the Black Market Auction House are realm-specific and open to both factions.
  • Users cannot put items for sale on the Black Market Auction House--instead they are at the mercy of what Blizzard decides to display each day!
  • Users can bid up to 999,999, and you must increase the previous bid by 5%. However if you bid 954,000 (thanks Elvine for the tip)) then you are safe since nobody can outbid you by 5%.
  • There is no buyout option so be prepared to make some quick last-minute bids on popular items other users are after.
  • Each type of item has a different pre-set starting bid range, with fairly-common pets at 1,000, tabards and shirts at 5,000, Tier 3 transmog items at 10,000, uncommon pets and toys at 15,000, and mounts at 20,000.

How it works

Instead of buying items from other players like the regular Auction House, items on the Black Market are generated and listed by NPCs. The items are listed for one day only. The items for sale vary from items that were made unobtainable, to rare drops and TCG items. All items are listed infrequently, so it should not be seen as a reliable way to farm rarities.

  • Mount bids start at 20,000.
  • Companions bids start between 1 and 20,000, depending on the original source and how hard it is to get.
  • Vanity/misc items start between 10,000 and 15,000.

Bidding works like the regular Auction House. There is no buyout price. The sky (or the gold cap) is the limit when competing with other players for the final bid. With a successful purchase, the item is sent in the mail. Normal Bind on Pickup rules apply, so you must bid on the correct character.

The supply of items is realm-based. Each realm will have different items for sale at any one time and prices are likely to vary wildly from server to server.

If empty, the item window will list "There are no items at this time. Please check back later."

Items for sale

These are items that may appear for sale. There may be more items which, due to the random nature of listings, have not been seen yet.


  • Tier 3 armor pieces
    •  Dreamwalker Raiment
    •  Cryptstalker Armor
    •  Frostfire Regalia
    •  Redemption Armor
    •  Vestments of Faith
    •  Bonescythe Armor
    •  The Earthshatterer
    •  Plagueheart Raiment
    •  Dreadnaught's Battlegear

  •  [Flintlocke's Blasthammer]
  •  [Arcanite Ripper]
  •  [Sun-Lute of the Phoenix King]
  •  [Tabard of Flame]


  • Argent Tournament pets:
    •  [Ammen Vale Lashling]
    •  [Dun Morogh Cub]
    •  [Durotar Scorpion]
    •  [Elwynn Lamb]
    •  [Enchanted Broom]
    •  [Mechanopeep]
    •  [Mulgore Hatchling]
    •  [Sen'jin Fetish]
    •  [Teldrassil Sproutling]
    •  [Tirisfal Batling]
    •  [Shimmering Wyrmling]
  • Redemption/TCG pets:
    •  [Banana Charm]
    •  [Dragon Kite]
    •  [Hippogryph Hatchling]
    •  [Rocket Chicken]
  • Rare drops:
    •  [Captured Firefly]
    •  [Cat Carrier (Black Tabby)]
    •  [Dark Whelpling]
    •  [Darting Hatchling]
    •  [Droplet of Y'Shaarj] 
    •  [Giant Sewer Rat]
    •  [Gundrak Hatchling]
    •  [Parrot Cage (Green Wing Macaw)]
    •  [Phoenix Hatchling]
    •  [Proto-Drake Whelp]
    •  [Tiny Crimson Whelpling]

  • Vendor pets: (note that the bidding price starts at a value vastly more than the actual vendor price)
    •  [Cat Carrier (Bombay)]
    •  [Cat Carrier (Siamese)]
    •  [Obsidian Hatchling]
    •  [Tiny Sporebat]


  • Rare drop mounts:
    •  [Ashes of Al'ar]
    •  [Deathcharger's Reins]
    •  [Flametalon of Alysrazor]
    •  [Invincible's Reins]
    •  [Kor'kron Juggernaut]
    •  [Mimiron's Head]
    •  [Reins of the Blazing Drake]
    •  [Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake]
    •  [Reins of the Drake of the North Wind]
    •  [Reins of the Drake of the South Wind]
    •  [Reins of the Green Proto-Drake]
    •  [Reins of the Onyxian Drake]
    •  [Reins of the Raven Lord]
    •  [Reins of the Vitreous Stone Drake]
    •  [Reins of the White Polar Bear]
    •  [Smoldering Egg of Millagazor]
    •  [Swift White Hawkstrider]
  • Redemption/TCG mounts:
    •  [Riding Turtle]
    •  [Wooly White Rhino]
    •  [X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME]
  • Achievement mounts:
    •  [Reins of the Plagued Proto-Drake]
    •  [Reins of the Rusted Proto-Drake]
  • Removed mounts:
    •  [Core Hound Chain] 
    •  [Swift Razzashi Raptor]
    •  [Swift Zulian Tiger]


  • 600 skill tailoring, blacksmithing and leatherworking recipes
  • Vanity Items
    •  [Fishing Chair]
    •  [Goblin Gumbo Kettle]
    •  [Goblin Weather Machine - Prototype 01-B]
    •  [Imp in a Ball]
    •  [Ogre Pinata] 
    •  [Paper Flying Machine Kit]
    •  [Picnic Basket]
  • Misc
    •  [Battered Hilt]
    •  [Darkmoon Ticket Fanny Pack] 
    •  [Unclaimed Black Market Container]


Most auctions are posted by various well known NPCs, depending on the item type:

  • Breanni from Warcraft Pets sells all the Argent Tournament pets.
  • Dran Droffers and Malton Droffers of <Droffers and Son Salvage> in Orgrimmar list many Tier 3 pieces.
  • Fargo Flintlocke sells his blast hammer;  [Flintlocke's Blasthammer].
  • Jasper Fel, a Stormwind City poison vendor, sells Druid Tier 3.
  • Landro Longshot, the NPC who redeems TCG codes in Booty Bay, sells TCG items.
  • Quincy Cutler, a Stormwind bartender wearing a top hat and tux with shorts and flipflops, sells some Tier 3.
  • Mei Francis, a Dalaran vendor who sells exotic mounts, as well as the mailer behind  [Celestial Steed] and  [Reins of the Albino Drake], sells various mounts.
  • Wodin the Troll-Servant from the Ring of Blood sells Zena's kittens.
  • Elusive goblin leader Trade Prince Gallywix sells crafting patterns.
  • Caladis Brightspear sells the  [Battered Hilt].
  • Sig Nicious sells his own guitar;  [Sun-Lute of the Phoenix King].
  • Bergrisst, the Undead guitarist for the Tauren Chieftains, sells his own instrument Arcanite Ripper.
  • Zunji the Knife, Four-Fingered Fong, and Nexus-Prince Haramad also sell items.
  • Madam Goya sells the WoD version of the  [Unclaimed Black Market Container] along with some raredrops. 
  • Silas Darkmoon sells a  [Darkmoon Ticket Fanny Pack]. 
  • San Redscale sells a  [Grimoire of the Four Winds]. 
 The subject of this section has been removed from World of Warcraft.
  • Peripatetic Chou Li sells ilvl 509 heroic items. 
  • Gnok the Inept, another reference to Gonktarget of the Knog's Bow of Ineptitude weapon series, sells Mythic Blackrock Foundry gear. 


  • Madam Goya (leader)
    • Mister Chu (bodyguard)
    • Mister Knuckles (bodyguard)
    • Ms. Xiulan (assistant)
  • Madam Gosu (liaison)
    • Tear (bodyguard)
    • Shred (bodyguard)
  • Zhang Yeoh (representative)
  • Exchange Guard
    • Retired Exchange Guard
  • Black Market Guard

How do you get on the black market?

The Black Market Auction House is a special AH that allows you to buy items that are rare and sometimes unobtainable with gold otherwise. It's an extremely effective gold sink, but it's tucked away in the middle of nowhere, and you can't see what's for sale on your realm from the remote AH. Unfortunately, since Blizzard doesn't make the BMAH accessible through the same API as the regular Auction Houses, you are expected to log in and travel to the Veiled Stair in order to see whether there was anything there for you.

The Undermine Journal is a website that collects, organizes, and displays information about the Auction House of every realm: Horde, Alliance, and Neutral. Additionally, starting in January, they launched a (still beta) feature that shows us the contents of the BMAH. Assuming you're not on a PvP realm, you can avoid the flight to the Veiled Stair to check whether there's something worth buying by simply checking the Undermine Journal.

No PvP realms?

As I mentioned, the regular Auction Houses can be downloaded from Blizzard through an API. This is basically a feed that allows a program to request a complete copy of the entire AH. Part of the design of the BMAH seems to be having it a little bit farther away from the beaten path, though, and as such it's not included with that data. The Undermine Journal's solution to this is to use level one "reporter" characters parked in front of the BMAH on each PvE realm which log in once an hour to check the contents and report them to the site's database. Before Blizzard had this API auction feed, the Undermine Journal used to use a similar strategy to grab the regular Auction House data. An unfortunate side effect of this method, though, is that it doesn't work for PvP servers. It would seem that PvP players like to kill the level one reporters, and there's no easy way to get them back to their spot from the graveyard.

If you're on a PvE realm and stalking the Black Market Auction House for some of the high end PvP or heroic raiding gear, pets, mounts, or old transmog set pieces that pop up there, remember to bookmark your realm's Undermine Journal page. Alternately, you can follow the main Twitter account for the Undermine Journal. Every time the site sees a new item on the BMAH, it tweets it to the realm account (like @drenden, for me).