Dalaran Auction House

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The auction house at Shrine is only for engineers which kind of sucks if you don't have engineering.

But since the portals were right there it wasn't a huge deal to take a portal to stormwind and use the AH.

I'll still keep my hearth set to shrine.

Shrine is just too good, it is sooo convenient.


There is not. If you want an auction house, portal.

They are not adding auction houses to shattrath or Dalaran because aside from class trainers it's the only think people use the old cities for. If they were added, the old cities would be abandoned. Also, in Shattraths case, do you have any idea how much postage and packaging you would need to pay for off-world deliveries?


I would have much preferred WoD's way of creating an auction house usable by all players that involved getting out in the world and collecting stuff. But this is better than nothing!