How To Make Gold In Wow

In World of Warcraft, gold is important. Without it, you're really nothing but a skill bar and another name with no mount. You need money to buy skills, items, armor, and so much more so read this guide to figure out how to get richer!

Choose gathering professions. These allow you to collect the materials ("mats") that other players use to make items. The best professions to harvest these mats are skinning, herbalism, mining and enchanting (for disenchanting). Make sure to also pick up fishing and cooking which do not count against your two-profession limit. Maybe once you level up your skills, drop a profession and take up blacksmithing, leatherworking, or jewel crafting and create some stuff! However, gathering professions rule all, although a lot of money can be made through trade professions, gathering profs. still remain the key to many of the rich players' success.

Go to the Outlands/Northrend.
 Because of the enormous costs for flying mounts, Blizzard designed this Burning Crusade world to make you a lot more gold than you can get from Azeroth. However, at this point it may be better to simply stay in Azeroth until you hit level 60 because Blizzard recently upgraded quest money and exp rewards in Azeroth. Once in the Outlands, make sure to begin farming elemental motes. These are used to create primal which are required for Burning Crusade crafting and people pay enormous sums for them on the auction house. The same applies for Northrend, where Eternals will go for a higher price due to people's laziness.

  • Rather than spending your money on new items at the AH (auction house), go run an instance, you will get new gear, complete quests, and save plenty of gold.

Get better gear. Instead of completing every quest you can while in Outlands/Northrend/Cataclysm/Pandaria leveling up, run instances to get better gear, a decent amount of money and save the quests for when you are at level 90 when most quests instead of giving a 2 gold reward will give as much as 23 gold per quest. This is very profitable if you have not completed quests in the higher level zones as you can make close to 3000 gold per zone.

  • At level 80, a good way of making money is getting a character to go to Wintergrasp and farm 2x eternal earth eternal fire and eternal shadow. Then buy some Saronite bars off the auction house and get an alchemist to transmute them into titanium bars, now you have the mats for 2x titan steel bars, these sell for 150g up. So go to Dalaran and /2 "want to buy titan steel CD for mats + 20g" there you have it. Also if you can, take a miner to farm the eternals in wintergrasp because you can find some nice deposits there.

Get the add-on "Auctioneer." This can automatically tell you the best price to sell anything at the Auction House. Then run instances, collecting greed loot and sell them at the auction house. You will find that things like shadow gem and malachite can sell for up to 3 gold each for rich characters who need items quickly.

Play the Auction House. One of the greatest ways to make gold is to simply work the Auction House. Generally, you always go by the principle "buy low, sell high," but it sometimes takes a bit more than that. You'll need to research what items sell well, what time of day/week they sell the highest, and just how much of an item your server has in stock. Generally, you'll want to invest in trade items. Alternatively, some of the best items to flip for profit on the Auction House are TCG mounts. There are addons that can assist you in your endeavors, such as Tycoon and Tradeskillmaster.

Do Level mining.
 Then jewel crafting. Then fishing. JC isn't that profitable at first, but once you have a ton of JC cuts from doing JC dailies or prospecting titanium ore the money just rolls in, cutting for tips in trade or buying uncut gems from excess triumphs or since 4.0.1 justice points, the cash just rolls in. Fishing- once you have leveled fishing to 450, find a secluded spot in wintergrasp, and just fish away, all the fish you get, is used for Fish Feast. Sometimes sculpin, and salmon sell for up to 70g a stack at times. Another great way to make dough off fish is dragonfin, those almost always sell at 50g a stack too depending on your server.

Sell high level gear. Max level players are always in the market to improve their item level through the use of crafted gear, which is sometimes easier to get, and has better stats than those of raid gear (especially LFR). Advertising in trade can give you quick money.

WoW Gold Tips

  • Make friends in the game and join a guild with helpful people in it! Just like real life, social networking will mean the difference between making one gold or 1,000.
  • Create an alternative character ("alt") and mail all valuable items (greens, blues, profession materials, cloth, etc.) you find to it. Use your alt to store items (called a bank) and to sell items on the auction house (also sometimes referred to as an "AH mule" or a "bank character", which are especially useful when your character is far from a major city).
  • Another add-on that is helpful for gatherers is Cartographer Routes. It plots the shortest distance between spawnpoints of ore or herbs.
  • Mounts can now be bought at level 20! Effective from Patch 3.2
  • There are other add-ons that can help you make gold in WoW. Auctioneer helps record prices of what items are selling for on the Auction House, and can help you find deals that you can buy and resell for a profit. Tycoon and Tradeskillmaster can help you flip items for profit.
  • Sell low and set a buyout. This cannot stressed enough; always market on the trade channel before putting it on the Auction House, and do not undercut the other auctions, as it will start a bidding war with no winner. Use a mod like Auctioneer to auto set the price to market standards. Once again, Tycoon and Tradeskillmaster are essential for this.
  • Invest in big bags such as Netherweave Bags. Having lots of space on your character will greatly increase the amount you can gather (and then sell) on each trip out.
  • If you find a certain type of item is in demand on your server and low on supply, don't hesitate to aggressively buy out all of that item and relist it for a profit. You can start small with 1 or 2 specific items, and
  • Deviate Fish sell for over 1 gold if you're a fisher.
  • Sell stackable items on the auction house one at a time or in stacks of two or three. Often you will earn more gold by selling 20 individual items than one stack of 20 items. Selling in smaller stacks also both reduces your overall deposit substantially and reduces your lost money in the event your item does not sell. But please, do not sell a large number (like 50) of the same item one by one. Doing this undermines the price of the item: supply has vastly increased, but demand has stayed the same, so the prices will drop to entice buyers. It is also obnoxious. Holding onto your items for a few days may mean the difference between 50 silver and 5 gold.
  • Join communities and document what you learn. In this way not only can you learn from experts but also break the warcraft learning curve if you are a beginner or intermediate.
  • Sell the gray and white items you find to vendors. They are called "trash" for a reason. They are meant to be vendored, and gray/white gear over level 15 will probably not sell on the auction house. Over time this will make you a lot of gold. The add-on "Autoprofit" will help a lot with this by automatically vendoring all gray items in your inventory

How to make wow gold

The best way really is gathering professions.

Mining and Skinning being the two that sell for the most in gold per unit (usually on my realm anyways) and Herbalism being one that sells for less per unit but you can sell alot more of it at a time.

If you don't want to do that I recommend running Firelands, Dragonsoul, Icecrown and if you don't wanna do that I'd recommend the MoP Dungeons too.

: Realizing I made a mistake there.

Honestly, the best way to make gold, is to do the quest lines, especially in the WoD expansion. I've made gold hand over fist doing that, and have also been keeping to the standard which is to pick up everything, vendor the grays, check the greens for transmog rares, AH the rest if you can. You can also farm raids from older expansions, or farm materials to sell on the AH. Personally, I've never managed to get above 2k an hour farming, but then again, I don't use a hundred different addons or anything third party automation software to tirelessly farm while I'm sleeping or out on the town. 

There are dozens of gold guides out there, even if most of them aren't accurate at this point. You always have an off chance to get a drop for a rare mount or something as well that could boost your numbers.

Cuddliez I wouldn't be trying to buy gear (armor/weapons) off the auction house if I were you.

I see that you've already started Tanaan, which is a good way to go. Get your garrison up and running, then to level 3, and build a salvage yard. Run treasure missions with your followers. Go back and run level 85 heroic raids (Firelands is a good one) and vendor all the drops (some of the recipes that you get will sell on the auction house, though). Also finish HFC in raid finder, and buy seals for bonus rolls for bosses that drop gear that you need.

With WoD some professions took a hit in their earning potential. I personally thought it was dumb how I've never touched enchanting, but with a little garrison building I could build my own weapons lol

But yeah, there's ways to make money, but I wouldn't suggest using that gold to buy armor and weapons off the auction house, when there's (fairly) easy ways to get them.


Make wow gold fastly

With subscription tokens , purchasable with gold, coming to WoW, people with enough in-game gold income might get away with not paying any real money to keep their account active. So why not go through a bunch of methods on how to make a small fortune in Warlords of Draenor? They might come in handy soon.

Bellular collected ten really good ways in his recent video, without going deep into flipping the Auction House with dozens of characters or doing shady stuff. These are all basically combinations of finding the best solo content and using professions efficiently.

Here's a short breakdown of all the methods shown in the video:

  1. Soloing 25-man Cataclysm raids. The more characters you have, the more you can do these each week.
  2. Bastion of Twilight trash runs. All you do is you go into the normal 25-man version of BoT, clear the first room of regular monsters, leave, reset and repeat.
  3. Doing Treasure Hunter follower missions using followers with the Treasure Hunter trait.
  4. Farming cloth at Sra'vess and the Ruins of Guo-Lai with a tailoring character. These spots seem to be the best ones gold- and item-wise in Pandaria.
  5. Focusing on Sorcerous transmutes with an alchemist character.
  6. Selling Savage Blood on the Auction House. It got a bit cheaper since patch 6.1 (on my server it still goes for around 450 gold each and people buy them in huge quantities), but it also got easier to collect them.
  7. Crafting Warlords of Draenor epics constantly.
  8. Gems and flasks still sell well on the Auction House.
  9. Farming the Battered Hilt in the Pit of Saron dungeon. It sells for thousands of gold on the Auction House.
  10. Doing Blackrock Foundry trash runs with a well-geared 5-man party converted to a raid. If you find any BoE epics, those go for tens of thousands of gold on the AH.

So as you can see, making a lot gold in WoW is really easy nowadays, much easier then, say, two expansions earlier, and while you can spend it all on rare mounts, transmog items or pets, it's probably wise to save it till tokens are finally in the game.