Khorium Ore Farming

Khorium Ore is the rare ore in the Outlands. It’s found all over the Outlands except in Hellfire Peninsula and Zangarmarsh. This is a really great ore to farm because it is really valuable. A Khorium Bar can sell for 60 gold. Not a stack, a single bar! You will want to be level 65-70 and have mining at level 375 before trying to farm Khorium. You will also collect a lot of Adamantite while farming Khorium, this sells well on the auction house too.

Where to Farm Khorium

Farming Khorium in Nagrand

In my experience, the best place to farm Khorium is in Nagrand. There are a lot of potential Khorium Veins. Each mineral vein that is not a Khorium Vein should be mined in hopes that it will respawn as a Khorium Vein by the time you return on your next pass. Nagrandis a great place because there are so many veins and you will collect a lot of Adamantite while farming Khorium. Follow this mining map for maximum results:

Farming Khorium in Shadowmoon Valley

The next best place to farm Khorium is in Shadowmoon Valley. There aren’t as many veins in Shadowmoon but there is a better chance you will see Khorium. Follow the mining route below, ensuring that you circle Netherwing Ledge, for best results:

Khorium Ore Guides

This WoW Khorium Ore Farming Guide is specifically for farming WoW Khorium Ore as opposed to our Mining, Engineering or Blacksmithing guides for profession leveling.  If you are looking for where to farm Khorium Ore in bulk then you are at the correct place.

Khorium is rare and spawns from Adamantite nodes.