Druid Professions and Grouping

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Professions and Grouping

What classes go well with the druid

Pretty much any class can go well with us, because we are like four classes rolled into one. Some of our best companions are rogues, shaman/pally, or anything else. With a rogue we can both stealth and get past creeps, and the Druid can always lay down a heal when needed, do damage in caster/cat, or tank in bear form. With shaman and paladins, you combine a role specialist with a hybrid and it is very effective. We go well with any class because we can mold to situations.

How are druids in groups

Druids are excellent in groups. We bring things that no other class can, though generally you will be wanted to perform what you are specd for. If you are feral you will likely be called upon to tank or play a "dps" role. If you are restoration, you will find yourself healing. A balance druid will usually take on the role of dps and emergency healing. If you play the class well and have good sets of gear, you can fit into a tanking, damage dealing caster, or damage dealing melee role. You can also fit into a hybrid role by getting gear that has a wide array of stats.

What are good professions for a druid

Note: These are in no order of usefulness to a druid, but are just some of the many options.
1) Alchemy/Herbalism
With alchemy and herbalism you can cultivate herbs and make powerful potions. These potions can range from a simple healing potion to a potion that adds +2000 mana for 2 hours. There is generally less profit involved here and high competition for recipes. Alchemy allows you to live longer and do more damage in battle.

2) Herbalism/Skinning/Mining (two gathering skills)
Druids are the best gatherers in the game. We can use stealth, travel form, and soothe animal to get in close to resource nodes. If you take two gathering skills you will be able to make a lot of money, and can always drop one later.

3) Mining/Engineering
Engineering can be used by any class, and gives you the ability to make some pretty cool items. More information can be found here: COMING SOON!

4) Skinning/Leatherworking (Tribal Leatherworking/Elemental Leatherworking/Dragon Leatherworking)
Since we can wear leather, leatherworking is a great skill to have. Skinning is also great for making money. Leatherworking allows you to make many very useful items that will make character progression easier. It branches into tribal, elemental, and dragon leatherworking at 225+ skill. Tribal is best suited for druids, elemental for rogues, and dragon for shaman/hunter.

5) Other options
There are many other options, but I'm lazy! For a great Profession FAQ, see this thread:


What about secondary skills
Learn them all! There is no limit, so why aren't you learning them