Low Level "Feral" gear

Low Level "Feral" gear:
This is a guide for people leveling feral druids (between levels 13 & 35) who are having a hard time finding gear with Strength. Below is a list of some of what I believe to be fairly accessible leather armor with +strength on it. Agility gear seems to fall out of the sky and into my lap as I'm leveling, but finding strength gear is much harder, especially at very low levels.

Note: if you think of anything I should add to this list, feel free to post it.

Defias Set (Deadmines): Lvl 13 to 19 - http://thottbot.com/ set=161
Embrace of the Viper (Wailing caverns): Lvl 14 to 18 - http://thottbot.com/ set=162

Black Whelp Tunic (crafted) 15 - http://thottbot.com/ i=52058
Prospector¡¯s Chestpiece (world drop) 18 - http://thottbot.com/ i=4364
Thick Murloc Armor (crafted) 29 - http://thottbot.com/ i=8904
Green Whelp Armor (crafted) 30- http://thottbot.com/i7375 (no STR, but the proc is good, especially for PvP)

Feet of the Lynx (world drop) 19 - http://thottbot.com/ i=5060
Tromping Miner¡¯s Boots (Uldaman) 33- http://thottbot.com/ i=15305
Draftsman boots (quest reward) 27 - http://thottbot.com/ i=2815

Ebon Vise (Scarlet Monestary) 30 - http://thottbot.com/ i=12707
Naga Battle Gloves (Blackfathom Deeps) 22 - http://thottbot.com/ i=9300
Wolfclaw Gloves (Razorfen Kraul) 22 - http://thottbot.com/ i=11325

Robust Helm of the Bear (world drop) 26 - http://thottbot.com/ i=14253
Hawkeye helm (world drop) 35 - http://thottbot.com/ i=9129
Humbert's Helm (dun garok rifleman) 25 http://www.thottbot.com/ i=6779

Warchief¡¯s Kilt (Scarlet Monestary) 34 - http://thottbot.com/ i=16033
Ferine Leggings (Razorfen Kraul) 29 - http://thottbot.com/ i=9855

Rigid Shoulders of the Boar (world drop) 21 - http://thottbot.com/ i=7034
Forest Tracker Epaulets (world drop) 26 - http://thottbot.com/ i=3879
Barbaric shoulders (crafted) 30 - http://thottbot.com/ i=2998

Forest leather belt (world drop) 18 - http://thottbot.com/ i=7007
Barberic Belt (crafted) 35 - http://thottbot.com/ i=19898 (note: rage should work in bear form now)
Hawkeye cord (world drop) 31 - http://thottbot.com/ i=12127

Bands of Serra¡¯kis (blackfathom deeps) 22 - http://thottbot.com/ i=9823
Murloc Scale Bracers (crafted) 33 - http://thottbot.com/ i=8706
Low Level Balance +damage gear (taken from the old Balance guides. Thank you Efejel & Stian).

Prior to level 17, we suggest filling each and every slot you can with leather "of the eagle" type gear (Stam and int). If you can find a weapon to use with a little +int modifier that would do nicely, as far as rings and neck any +int modifier would do as well. Intellect will always be your primary stat (especially with the new talents), however the below +spell damage items are pretty good for low level balance druids.

If you need to find out the exact stats of the following items or how to obtain them refer to thottbot.com.

Lvl 17: Gnoll casting gloves
Lvl 18: Advisor's or Lorekeeper's Ring
Lvl 19: Twisted Chanter's Staff
Lvl 20: Magician's Mantle
Lvl 28: Advisor's or Lorekeeper's Ring
Lvl 30: Scorn's Icy Choker
Lvl 33: Robe of Power
Lvl 33: Orb of the Forgotten
Lvl 35: Staff of Jordan (Epic)
Lvl 35: Star Belt
Lvl 35: Robe of the Magi
Lvl 36: Inquisitor Shawl
Lvl 38: Advisor's or Lorekeeper's Ring
215 Engineering: Spellpower Goggles Xtreme (requires Engineering to make/wear)
Lvl 38: Red Mageweave pants
Lvl 38: Black Mageweave gloves
Lvl 40: Dryad's Wrist Bindings
Lvl 40: Dreamweave Gloves
Lvl 40: Dreamweave Vest
Lvl 42: Zumrah's Vexing Cane (not recommended if you already have Staff of Jordan)
Lvl 43: Band of the Unicorn x2
Lvl 43: Southsea Mojo Boots
Lvl 45: Spellshock Leggings
Lvl 45: Dreamweave Circlet (only if you dont have engineering otherwise go for the Spell power goggles)
Lvl 45: Elven Spirit Claws
Lvl 45: Wildfeather Leggings (Only usable by Tribal Leatherworkers).
Lvl 46: Deep Woodland's Cloak
Lvl 47: Spirit of Aquamentas
Lvl 47: Kentic Amice
Lvl 48: Advisor's or Lorekeepers Ring
Lvl 48: Bloodfire Talons
Lvl 49: Ironfeather Shoulders (if no Kentic Amice)
Engineering 270: Spellpower Goggles Xtreme Plus
Lvl 50: Dryad's Wrist Bindings
Lvl 50: Moonshadow Stave (from ST lvl 50 quest. Alternative to Energetic + Aquamentas)
Lvl 53: Ironfeather Breastplate (if Ironfeather Shoulders)
Lvl 54: Energetic Rod (mainhand to go with offhand spirit of aquamentas)
Lvl 55: Tressermane Leggings http://thottbot.com/ i=5348
Lvl 56: Helm of the new moon: http://thottbot.com/ i=53208
Lvl 56: Crystallized Girdle: http://thottbot.com/ i=21417
Lvl 56: Cyclone Spaulders: http://thottbot.com/ i=36021
Lvl 57: Boots of the Shrieker: http://thottbot.com/ i=22218
Lvl 57: Chestplate of Tranquility: http://thottbot.com/ i=35729
Lvl 58: Tunic of the Crescent Moon: http://thottbot.com/ i=53361