Guide for Feral & Balance leveling v.2.2

Guide for Feral and Balance Leveling (& pvp), v2.2
originally, v.1.12 was posted by Jaegor, 60 Feral Druid, Dark Iron, Panda Attack
Updated and maintained post-2.1 by Lissanna, 70 druid, now on the SENTINELS server.
last updated 11/07

Note: I moved from Cenarion Circle to Sentinels, but I am still actively updating the content in this thread. I just can't convince my icon to update in this thread. :o(
Also, I created a Shaman leveling guide, which you can find here: topicId=3710156892&sid=1

Feral and Balance Leveling (& Low-Level PvP)

This guide is for new druids starting out. It is specifically geared towards build construction for both PvE and PvP needs. This guide underwent major changes, and I will continue updating it as things change. Keep in mind that this is not a guide for healing or end-game. Also, these are my suggestions. There are other ways to do it, but if you are new to the game, this should be a helpful guide to figuring out how tricky leveling a druid can be.

The first thing to understand is that feral is the most efficient tree for grinding. Mana-less damage means less downtime for drinking or healing, which means more time for exp. I have, however, included a Balance leveling guide along with feral, since Balance is much more viable than it used to be. Keep in mind that low-level balance druids will likely still spend time in Bear form when they run low on mana (or, mele¡¯ing in moonkin form). Restoration is not a good leveling build, so refrain from specing full resto until you are at the level cap.

1. Feral Leveling Spec
2. Balance Leveling Spec
3. Low level PvP Battleground advice
4. Q&A: where to level & more! (Includes links to extra resources)
5. Additional Advice (poster suggestions and disagreements)
6. Equipping for PvP/PvE (important stats)
7. Low Level gear for Feral (Str) & Balance (+dmg)


1) Feral tree v.2.0.1:
So you just hit level 10 and got your bear form and first talent point. Congratulations! But where to place that first talent point for maximum benefit

Level 10-14 = 5/5 Ferocity (-5 rage/energy for Maul/Swipe/Claw/Rake)
By lowering the cost for your primary attack, you increase your DPS by a significant amount.

Lvl 15-16 = 2/2 Brutal Impact (+1s stun for Bash and Pounce)
You will now have a 3s stun, instead of the normal 2s. This should be enough to allow you to get an emergency Bash-> Regrowth or Root off, or save that silly clothies life by stunning the mob for an extra second. This becomes markedly better with higher ranks of Bash. At higher levels, this may get replaced with thick hide; however at lower levels I find this to be a good talent investment.

Lvl 17-19 = 3/3 Feral Instinct (+stealth in catform and +15% threat generation in bear form)
But I dont even have catform yet! ! But you will, and you will spend a lot of time in it. The first rule for rogues and kitties is not to be seen. Night Elfs' Shadowmeld grants them a passive bonus to stealth, however this is still nice for them. Bears will also enjoy the threat generation bonus for tanking in instances.

20! Yay for catform!
Your next points will immediately go into:

Lvl 20-21 = 2/2 Feline Swiftness (+30% to run speed while outdoors or while prowling)
This is the reason you put your first 12 points into Feral. Increased run speed means decreased travel time, which indirectly leads to higher exp gain. It also allows you to outrun those you are chasing or being chased by, which is a nice bonus for pvp.

Lvl 22 = 1/1 Feral Charge (Charge an enemy 8-25 yds away, interrupting the spell they were casting and immobilizing them for 4s)
One of the best talents available to druids. This should be a keystone of any druid build as it allows many different options when paired with 5/5 Furor. You can engage an enemy from a distance, stop a runner/flag carrier, interrupt a spellcaster, or use it as an escape tool (target a mob/critter/player 8-25yds distant and charge).

Lvl 23-27 = 5/5 Furor from the resto tree (100% chance to generate 10 rage/40 energy when shifting)
Some people disagree with taking this talent early in the game. For me, I feel that the rage is invaluable for bear form (see Feral Charge) and the extra energy makes building combo points with cat that much easier. Instant Claw/Rake or wait a tic for a shred. If you are not shifting very often, you may choose to skip this talent, but it really is an important talent for me when I level feral. This is a personal choice, but I highly recommend getting this talent.

At this point you are level 27 and 0/13/5. talent=0ZxGMoZV

Feral: Branching Out

Here is the first main division between builds for Ferals. If you are going for Mangle, you should continue putting points in Feral. If you are planning a more hybrid build, it would be advisable to spend the next 16 pts in Resto for Natures Swiftness, if you aren't planning to get mangle.

Some people even recommend skipping all the resto talents (including furor) until after you get Mangle. I'd recommend just respec'ing for mangle at 50 if you picked up points in other trees along the way.

Here are some level 70 specs you can work towards:

1/46/14 (Cat Spec) talent=0zZxGMsfroeuioVxcz
Strict DPS build. Good for PvP/PvE leveling. Note that Nature's Grasp works in feral forms now, which is great for pvp. However, you can drop that point and put it somewhere else if you don't like Nature's grasp.

(0/47/14) Bear tanking spec talent=0ZxGGsfboeuioVxcz
If you aren't shifting a lot, intensity (to give you more rage) may be more helpful than natural shifter. Savage fury & Nature's Grasp aren't as useful for tanking, so primal tenacity will benefit you more.

Rutenio's "all out dps" build