Low level BGs

Low level BGs

This is mostly feral advice, as most PvP "twinks" will probably be feral. Feral makes a good flag runner for WSG, especially with the speed increase.

10-19 WSG
You can play! Have fun! Just remember that you are still primarily a caster. You dont have cat form, and your bear damage isn't very good. I suggest tossing heals liberally, followed by roots, hibernating druids/hunter pets, and tapping people (ONCE!) with Moonfire. You can use Fairy Fire on rogues and warriors. Remember to hold enough mana to shift bear form, since this is your primary form of defense against mele classes.

Moonfire spam: DONT!*
*unless it will leave the target dead and allow your team an advantage. (eg. Spamming the turtling flag carrier down in WSG to allow your team to cap the flag.)

20-29 WSG
For this bracket, the 10-19 advice still applies, but remember you have increased survivability at this level with bear, as well as additional DPS in cat form, if you are feral. Try to use your forms to their advantages. Don¡¯t stay in one forever. Utilize cat speed for mobility, as the only ones on the battlefield that are faster than you, with Feline swiftness, are Shamans in ghost wolf form. You have Feral charge to close the distance. Watch your mana pool because it isnt the greatest. Always leave enough to shift for escapes.

Jaegor found that it was best for him to stay hidden as long as possible in cat while the battle develops, then shred some backside or tossing some heals/roots. For alliance, you will likely be the primary flag runner, or you will be support for the flag runner with heals.

20-29 AB
Arathi Basin is becoming more available for low-levels now that cross-server BG's have been released.
Druids with cat form can stealth at a base and use ravage or shift & cast moonfire to interrupt your opponent and prevent them from being able to get your flag. You can use your heals to keep your team members alive. You can use cat form for high DPS as feral, or use wrath and moonfire to your advantage as balance. You can stealth to resource nodes that your opponents control to sneak-attack their flag.

30-39 WSG
Travel form makes you the best flag runner in this level bracket. You can shift out of snares, dash in cat form when you are indoors, and travel form to run away at high speeds once you are in the "great outdoors." I tend to stay in bear form when I'm in the base if I don't intend to burn my dash, to help mitigate mele damage.

Copied Turog's post from page 2 about level 40-49 pvp. (thanks!)
Q u o t e:
40-49 PVP
I stacked agility more than strength since I kitty form dps a lot. For me I go bear when I want to survive, I go cat when i want to dps, and I go caster when I want to support. (Bear's Key abilites - bash, charge, enrage, frenzied regen).

Dire Bear form becomes a huge help. Cast Regrowth, Rejuv, Barkskin - shift into bear. Garunteed to survive against 8 people long enough to take the flag out from base to tunnel entrance. (Frenzied regen helps here too :D)
When fighting mages who are flag carrying, go bear and bash (DO NOT Feral Charge!) and if/ as soon as they blink out of that, Feral charge them. This should help your team catch up much more quickly than feral charging off the bat, and having to shift out of bear and into cat/travel to catch up.
Cat's track humanoids skill becomes invaluable here. If you are in base on D, you can track humanoid to see where they are coming from, you can stealth to their base and look for their flag carrier with track on. And! if you pick up flag, you can shift to cat, hit dash and track - is there a big group of red dots by their graveyard Yep, they just respawned, better think of what to do. (For me, I prefer to sit in the base stealthed, wait until they respawn, and when most of them leave from GY, I grab and go along the wall. By them time i get to them, they should have been engaged in battle, and mostly dead.)

Cat form's new skill (trainable) feline grace becomes handy when assaulting , or defending bs from mill or mines from bs. Just go to cat form, try and jump so you can kinda slide along the wall, and run to bs or hit prowl immediantly as soon as you land. (note, at 49 - falling from bs to mine can be from about 600-800 damage if done right, and from mill's flag to the road below will be about 900-1200 if done right)
Otherwise- ninjaing nodes stays the same. Except this time you have track humanoid in cat form. I cannot stress how important this is. I always do the exact same sequence - mouse button 5 - 5 - -. shift - stealth - track humanoids. Helps tremendously when evaluating nodes, and checking to see if people waiting to respawn have.

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