World of Warcraft Hunter Strategy,Hunter Tips,Hunter Guide

World of Warcraft Hunter Strategy,Hunter Tips,Hunter Guide

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World of Warcraft Hunter Tips

A Guide to Learning How to Play a Better Hunter in WoW

World of Warcraft characters consider hunters to be one of the easiest character classes to play. This is not often true, but hunters who solo their way to high levels are known to do so quickly. The ranged combat class in the game does well in solo play, but can be a good addition to groups as well. A few tips and tricks can help the hunter in this task.

1. Do Not Solo All the Time

Just because hunter can solo well, it does not mean a character should solo all the way to level 70. World of Warcraft like all other mmorpgs is designed to be a social experience. Not only that, the character who solos all the time may find it difficult to get groups if he does not understand what and what not to do when running through an instance with members of a group. Reputations matter in online games and word about a horrible player tends to spread fast.

Joining groups is essential to learning how to control a pet in situations where the hunter and his pets are not the only concerns for the character. Hunters and warlocks who do not learn pet control are not welcome additions to raids or groups.

2. Pets Must Be Kept Well Fed

The Hunter is one of the DPS classes in World of Warcraft. While the pet does not do as much damage as the hunter does with his crossbows, bows, and guns, it adds a significant amount. If the hunter does not keep his pet at the maximum health level, the hunter¡¯s DPS is reduced.

3. Don¡¯t Get Involved in Melee Combat

Lower level hunters often make the mistake of fighting monsters with their melee weapons. At higher levels, this nearly halves the damage of a hunter. There are times when it is acceptable to use hand to hand weapons for this class, but these almost always involve getting a monster to stop attacking the group¡¯s healer.

Because a recent patch lowered the minimum range at which ranged weaponry could be use, a hunter who knows his class should need to use his melee weapons rarely.

4. Use Traps

Mages crowd control abilities in World of Warcraft may be more useful, but no limits exist on the types of monsters that frost trap works on. Freezing trap can take care of runners and the immolation trap provides extra damage. There are many trap abilities for the determined player. Knowing which to use and when can keep the amount of damage taking by the group down and help control the flow of combat.

Further Resources for the World of Warcraft Hunter

Blizzard maintains World of Warcraft forums where players may discuss a variety of topics relating to the game. The forums for each class often contain helpful information and are worth perusing. Fellow players, especially members of a player¡¯s guild can help.