Appendix (Poster Suggestions).

Appendix (Poster Suggestions).

There are always different perspectives, and no one correct way to do things. Here's some advice from forum posters:

Tangden: "Personally for PVE, I'd go straight down to grab Feral Faerie Fire before going to Furor.
Since I'm spending a lot of time in cat form when grinding levels, FFF will be really useful so I don't have to shift to put faerie fire on, and mobs die faster."
Bovie: "Personally, I would put 11-14 points into (restoration) right after getting feline swiftness. OOC is a very good tool for healing, dps, and tanking alike - and the extra 10% damage will be welcome."
Abyss - "If you want to do split resto (13 feral, 11 resto, back to feral) and find it hard to lose Furor to respec later for LotP or Mangle, a Wolfshead helm is a great investment. For efficiency, I do split spec to 40, then I get a Wolfshead and spec full feral- the proc on the hat is perfect for charge and you get the best of both worlds. Also- by the time you're 40ish you'll have the gear to make the higher end scaling talents of the feral tree work."
Gku- For 10 thru 20, Balance may actually be faster until you get cat form. You can pick up Balance talents from 10 to 20 and then spec back to feral when you get cat form.
-Illiyana: "I know it's getting out of the "young" range, but this is definitely worth mentioning...
Once you hit level 30, hop right on over the the AH and pick up the Green Whelp Armor chestpiece. There is *nothing* that works better for soloing/tanking for a good number of levels to come. For those of you unfarmiliar with this armor, every time a melee mob hits you (normal and special attacks), there is a 5% chance that the mob will fall asleep for 30 seconds. Just make sure if you've picked up multiple mobs, get rid of your thorns (as they tend to break the sleep affect instantly)."
Nekrosynergy -"So, you're a bear, and your leveling pattern will not vary from this;
Heal / Heal over time on yourself, Shift to bear Bear, attempt to kill mobs, Shift out of bear, repeat.

The only variation to this is pulling or opening with a starfire / wrath / enrage, but i didn't mention these because once again, that's down to individual playing style. Personally, i think if you're entering combat without a HoT on yourself and opening with starfire (wrath, pre-20's) > moonfire > bear, you are doing it wrong. You should be maximizing your damage not just your bear damage, you have ranged abilities so USE them. Save enrage for when you have to fight several mobs and you've got a couple of seconds before they arrive to attack range. The extra rage gained from it can make or break your game.

Lastly.. because this is how most bear users will be levelling, i chose furor, naturalist and omen of clarity as my 10-20 talents. "
"1. As a young feral druid you must keep the cower skill in your toolbar for when you are in groups, especially if you invest any points feral instinct. Coming from experience of off DPSing in cat form pre-1.8 to now, I've had to rediscover cower the hard way. Learn to use your cower, a well timed cower can be the difference between life and death (in groups).

2. Gear well! For casting/healing for instances grab all the eagle/owl gear you can but also make a nice set of bear/tiger/monkey for your feral rampage. "