Introduction to PvP

Introduction to PvP

How does PvP work

This isn't really about pvp, just a general background on how pvp currently works. On the pvp server you will always be pvp enabled (can attack other faction and they can attack you) whenever you are in contested lands. If you are in a hostile or friendly territory, you will have the protection of not being in pvp mode if that is your faction's territory, but opponents will always be in pvp mode.

On the normal servers, pvp can be done at anytime anywhere (like the pvp server), but only at the consent of the players. Attacking enemy npcs, players, or typing /pvp will put you in pvp mode, allowing other players to attack you.

Are druids good in pvp Have any strategies

Every class is good at pvp if played well. We can throw all kinds of stuff at other players, switching forms to confuse them and change up our tactics. Entangling roots is great for healing and holding back people. Depending on your talent build, you may want to be more aggressive (feral the most "in your face" of the three). Ask on these forums for suggestions for talent builds, same with strategies.