World of Warcraft Warrior PvP Guide

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The warriors of Azeroth seldom get any rest in World of Warcraft. If their raid does not want them for raids or a group does not want them to tank for them, odds are that someone wants a warrior or two to fill slots in a player versus player (PvP) group. The good news is that the role of warrior switches slightly and warriors are not perceived to be the biggest threat in PvP encounters.

The good news is that because warriors are not perceived as the biggest threats in PvP is that they can do damage to enemy players while the opposing side is busy concentrating on the priests, rogues, and casters.

Warrior PvP Basics

The main strategy for warrior PvP in World of Warcraft is controlling the movement of the enemy as much as possible. The hamstring ability is effective against casters and hunters to slow their movement and take away their advantage. Warlocks and Priests, who can use fear to cause the warrior to run away thus making him vulnerable and removing him from the fight. A warrior can change his stance to the berserker stance and gainimmunity to fear effects for a short time

In those rare times when a player faces a line of enemies coming towards him, he should not forget about his own ares of effect fear ability, intimidating shout. Intimidating shout may not be as effective or as long lasting as the single target spells of the priest or warlocks, but it can get the enemy running for a few seconds, buying the warrior's PvP team valuable time to cast their own offensive spells without fear of retaliation.

Advantages of the Warrior

Warriors do not keep the group alive the same way they do in player versus environment groups, nor are they capable of as much damage as rogues, but they do have the highest hit point total of any class in World of Warcraft. This works to the a player's advantage in PvP situations because opposing players will not perceive him as a threat. A skilled player can arrange his attacks to help the casters or his teammates going after the threats. If a player finds his character alone, his higher hit point total will keep him alive longer than many other classes.

Space limitations prevent this from bing a comprehensive PvP guide, but the important aspect is to limit or control the movement of the other player, especially when facing ranged classes like mages or hunters. Some classes, like paladins present a special problem because of the higher armor class, similar hit point totals, and self-heals, but a warrior prepared for a encounter with opposing players can be the deadly foe an opponent is not expecting to face.