World of Warcraft Warrior Stances

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World of Warcraft warriors are able to fight in stances that are unique to the class. Central to the stances is the idea of rage. Unlike mana or energy, which caters and rogues use in World of Warcraft, rage starts at 0 and builds up as the warrior fights monsters. How rage is gained depends on which stance the warrior chooses to fight in. The warrior stances are defensive, battle, and fury.

Defensive Stance

Warriors who find themselves tanking will probably use this stance over the other two available. Rage in the defensive stance is gained when the warrior takes damage. It complements the abilities of the protection talent tree, but the stances are not dependent upon the warrior's specialization..

Battle Stance

World of Warcraft warriors who fight in the battle gain rage when they deal and receive damage. While it may seem to complement the purpose of the arms battle tree warrior stance, it is in fact the best way for a warrior to gain rage to power his abilities consistently.

The amount of rage gained from being attacked or dealing damage is less than the amount found in the other two branches of the talent tree. It should be used when the warrior expects to deal out a decent amount of damage as well as take a lot of damage as well.

Fury Stance

The fury stance increases the warrior¡¯s rage total when the warrior deals damage to his opponents. In a group if the warrior does not expect to be banking and fill out a DPS role in the group, it is the best stance to choose. Warriors who choose to specialize in the branch of their talent tree of the same name will find this to be a nice boost to their DPS capabilities.

Changing Warrior Stances to Adapt to Situations

Knowing which situation a warrior is most likely to find himself in will help him choose which stance to fight in as he groups or solos in World of Warcraft. When a warrior character expects to take little or no damage he should use the fury stance, if there is a balance between the two expected, the battle stance is the best option, and when the group expects the warrior to tank, the warrior should choose the defensive stance.

Each stance for warriors in World of Warcraft does have a talent tree associated with it, but as noted earlier, warriors can use any of the stances regardless of which branch of they have chosen as their specialization.