World of Warcraft Warrior Strategy

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Warriors are often considered to be the easiest class to play in many mmorpgs. This carries over from table-top role playing games where the warriors were initially implemented in a hack-and-slash fashion. Even the table top games have gotten away from this set up, so it is not surprising that mmorpgs have followed suit. One of the best resources for players looking to get information on playing a warrior in World of Warcraft are the forums on Blizzard¡¯s official web site.

1. Get and Keep Aggro

The first tip to give the fledgling World of Warcraft warrior is that regardless of his talent tree, he should learn how to get and keep aggro. The fury talent tree may be considered the best tree for leveling, but warriors are not often invited to groups for their DPS capability. The game allows a character to specialize in other fields, but a warrior who knows how to get and keep aggro regardless of his specialization will be a welcome addition and indeed, the basis of many groups.

2. Keep an Eye on the Healer

Many players will ignore damage class, but the second World of Warcraft warrior tip is to keep an eye on the group's healer. There are times when a healer must gain a monster¡¯s attention to keep other members of the group alive. This includes the World of Warcraft warrior. Should the healer gain the attention of the monster, the warrior should do what he can to pull the mobs off of the person healing. Ideally, other party members should watch the health bar of their party healer also.

3. Updated Gear is a Must

The third World of Warcraft warrior tip is to keep the gear as close to the character's level as possible. Good armor and weapons are essential for the warrior to do his job. Blue items are best, but characters with a limited budget may find it impractical to equip their characters this way.

Grouping often will help character keep his equipment as close as possible to his level. Just remember to ask the group before needing an item. Poor equipment or equipment too far below the character's level will not help the warrior hold a monster's attention.

4. Discard Useless Advice

Some classes often get told how to do their job, healers and crowd control classes especially. Unless a person is completely inept, advice given by another player should be considered carefully and discarded if it is not useful. Knowing what advice helps a player improve how he plays his character and which is merely someone telling a player something that works for him..