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Legion Player Power and Gear


  • Artifact Power investment in the first few weeks puts extra pressure on the team to be careful with class balance changes.
  • For example, if Fire ends up 15% stronger than the other Mage specs, the team would reduce it by 10%. This way you still would have made the same choice with your Artifact Power, and overall class balance is fixed.
  • Artifact Knowledge should give you the ability to keep the progression of alt spec artifact weapons fairly close to your main spec weapon, but keeping them equally progressed will be challenging.
  • You should very easily be able to keep off spec weapons up to 80% of your main spec's weapon unlock progression, with the same number of gold traits unlocked. This makes you a few percent less effective, but still not a huge deal.
  • Multi-spec has been a huge part of WoW for many years, so they will support it in a good and meaningful way.
  • Once you have maxed out all of your Artifact traits, the¬†final trait¬†gives you a raw increase in health, damage, or healing depending on your spec.
  • The cost of this final trait continues to increase, so you may have to decide if you want to put another point into your main spec weapon to get half a percent increase or if you want to get a few ranks in your off-spec weapon that is a little bit behind to get a couple of percent increase.

Player Power and Gear
  • How quickly player power increases with gear isn't a huge problem right now.
  • Hellfire Citadel has gotten to a point where some silly things are taking place, like how fast can 16 Arcane Mages kill a boss.
  • It is important that there is power progression from gear.
  • It is hard to have gear help people overcome a skill deficit without content eventually becoming easier than the more skilled players would prefer.
  • Top end tanks may find it hard to die right now, but there are plenty of people progressing on Mythic Archimonde who are still dying easily. It is important for those people to experience the content eventually.

Patches and Content Releases
  • The team won't say how many raid tiers are planned for Legion, but they weren't happy with how patches worked out for Warlords.
  • Legion has a lot more patches and different things planned, along with different sized patches!
  • Emerald Nightmare release dates will be shared shortly before Legion launches.
  • The team is happy with how Highmaul's release schedule worked out, so it should be fairly similar.
  • Base level Mythic dungeons will be available at release, but the keystones won't be attainable until raids open and the PvP season starts.
  • Blackrock Foundry probably came out too soon.
  • Warlords made dungeon content obsolete far too quickly. This is something the team wants to fix in Legion, which can be done with the various new dungeon systems.
  • If the team were to add a dungeon in a later patch, the new systems in Legion mean it could co-exist with older dungeons rather than obsoleting them like new dungeons have in previous expansions.

Professions and Legendary Items
  • The team still needs to do a pass on professions to have parity across all of them in terms of player power, so that it isn't just Jewelcrafting with a player power increase. In general, professions shouldn't have a player only power increase.
  • Your loot specialization will control what legendary items can drop for you in Legion.

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