Legion Content Pacing and World Quests

Social Features
  • The team upgraded WoW to the Battle.Net infrastructure that Diablo and Overwatch use, allowing them to add more advanced social features to the game.
  • The team isn't happy with where the improved social features are right now, so it isn't a feature that will be going out with Legion.
  • The improved social features will be part of Legion, hopefully not too far after release.
  • Legion will add an advanced social queuing system that helps you find things to do with friends.
  • The system will take a slightly different form than what was talked about in the past, but it is still under development.
  • There are a lot of people that play WoW and so do their friends on Facebook, but they may not even realize they are both playing.
  • Many guilds have set up guild Facebook pages for communication.
  • The Battle.Net Facebook login is completely optional and helps to facilitate communication and share your WoW experience on Facebook.

Content Pacing and World Quests
  • The raids and other content will absolutely be paced better in Legion to help avoid such a long content drought.
  • Legion will do better than any previous expansion at catering to both players who have burned through all of the content in a new patch in a couple months and those that took significantly longer with shorter play sessions.
  • World quests offer progression in smaller time increments than doing a dungeon or raid.
  • World quests will remain relevant for raiders throughout the entire expansion.
  • The quests currently list rewards like "item level 810+" with the item level being determined by your current item level.
  • One big source of Artifact Power is world quests, so everyone will want to do them.
  • World quests also provide the Order Resources you will need for your Order Hall campaign.
  • It will take closer to months rather than weeks for players to max out their Artifact Traits.

  • Dungeons in Legion are a very important way to play the game.
  • Legion is the most dungeon focused expansion the team has done in a long time.
  • The way that they are structuring the expansion, dungeons will remain relevant for a long time.
  • If more dungeons will be added in patches or not is not something they are talking about right now. They aren't willing to say that no more are coming and they aren't willing to rule it out.

WoW Token and Character Services
  • When asked about bulk character transfers: "The team has done a lot of things to make it easier for you to do quests, dungeons, and raids with friends on other realms. Scaling zones during leveling in Legion should also make it easier to play with friends."
  • The team has been excited about the reception to the WoW Token. Players that had time on their hands but couldn't afford to play every month now have a way to play and players that don't have time to earn a lot of gold are able to do that.
  • Expanding on the WoW token in the future is a possibility, but the team has to be careful to avoid messing up the economy or making something that is pay to win.