Frost Death Knight Talents Guides

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The World of Warcraft Legion 7.0 Frost Death Knight talent page provides a popular build in Wowhead's talent calculator and information on which talents work well in different situations.

Death Knight talents change very often based on what content you are doing, as well as what kind of fights you are doing. Take these as a suggestion for a standard build, but they do change constantly.

Tier 56

Shattering Strikes - Shattering Strikes is a very large single-target damage boost that consumes Razorice stacks to increase Frost Strike damage. This is a fairly straightforward talent, but can be slightly annoying to play while doing damage to things with low health. This is currently the best talent on this row and should be taken in all situations.

Icy Talons - Sadly, this talent only works well with Runic Attenuation and currently lacks behind the other talents in this row.

Murderous Efficiency - Although this is a pretty good talent with the amount of Crit and Haste we will have on pre-patch, this still falls behind Shattering Strikes. If you do not like the Shattering Strikes playstyle this is a perfectly acceptable replacement as it is not that far behind.

Tier 57

Freezing Fog - Freezing Fog For AoE, this talent is the most potent as it increases your spread damage by a significant amount.

Frozen Pulse - This talent has potential. While you have no full Runes, your auto attacks radiate intense cold. For those who are used to the machine gun playstyle of Frost.

Horn of Winter - This talent is best on single target as the resource generation it gives you is more valuable then the other two talents in this tier.

Tier 58

Icecap - Without the bonuses from the artifact weapons, Blades of the Fallen Prince, Icecap simply does not compete with Avalanche.

Hungering Rune Weapon - As cool of an idea as this was, it simply did not function like intended. Sadly this talent is only viable with Breath of Sindragosa and even then it is still not great.

Avalanche - This talent simply outpaces the other 2 talents in this tier. It just does more damage and scales very well with multiple targets as well as Bloodlust/ Time Warp/Heroism.

Tier 60

Abomination's Might - As expected, randomness is not good, especially in the form of CC. Please do not run this except in solo content.

Blinding Sleet - Blinding Sleet is simply better than a random stun and a stun that can only happen during Pillar of Frost. As Blinding Sleet can interrupt a cast and disorient for a very short period of time, it will always be better than random crowd control.

Winter is Coming - The issue with this talent is that it is random. You may not always have Pillar of Frost when you need this stun.

Tier 75

All of the spells in this tier have their use in individual fights and should be treated that way.

Volatile Shielding - With how many magic spells there are in dungeons and both raids, this will be the talent we take for most bosses. This simply is just a very good talent. Even though the others have their uses, this will end up being the one we use as default.

Permafrost - A passive damage shield that builds up over time. This is very good if there is consistent damage in a fight that you can constantly absorb.

White Walker - As neat of an idea that this is, with how slow Frost is we simply do not have the ability to take this. Sacrificing mobility for survivability is generally not good, and in Frost's case it would be sacrificing its only movement.

Tier 90

Frostscythe - Frostscythe is a very good talent and has an even better interaction with Killing Machine in the pre-patch. It was added to the T18 4 piece bonus which gives it a chance to not consume Killing Machine. This simply is the best AoE talent in this tier.

Runic Attenuation - There really isn't much explaining to do for this talent. It just does what it says it does. This is best on single target.

Gathering Storm - Quite an underwhelming talent. With the base damage on Remorseless Winter being so low, it makes it quite hard to get this to a level where it would possibly do more than Frostscythe on AoE.

Tier 100

Obliteration - A great idea, but this ended up suffering majorly from the new 1.5 second global cooldown. You simply do not have enough time to make full use of this talent as it was intended.

Breath of Sindragosa - A shell of its former self, Breath of SIndragosa now only costs 13 Runic Power per second but does much less damage in return. Even though this talent is tuned around hitting multiple targets at once, it simply is not worth it even then.

Glacial Advance - Although this has not yet been confirmed by sims, Glacial Advance currently seems to be the way to go for pretty much every situation. It simply does too much damage to ignore this spell and it is best used on cooldown unless mechanics dictate it be held for a specific event.