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Guy4game will never ask you to return your currency in game. Do not give away your currency to anyone even who claims to be from Guy4game or the one who just traded you.


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Website:Visit Guy4game

Phone:1- 888-221-1554

Is Guy4game Legit?

At guy4game, our utmost priority is ensuring that your personal and transaction information are secure and your privacy is respected. Accordingly, we have put a number of technological protections to fight the online shopping fraud.

Customer's information will never be abused or revealed to anyone else.

Some MMOPRG companies do not allow in game trade, but we are using varies practical methods to avoid the risk.

We deal with large volume of deliveries everyday and we have satisfied thousands of customers with our sincere service and professional manner. We won't share customer's information with anyone else, and in any case to other companies selling gold.

Buy Gold From Guy4game Safe?

use in-game mail system for delivery. You don't have to transfer your character to other realms. This method is 100% fast and safe.

Q:What is your storage situation?
A:Since the supply is unstable, the storage changes vary with market float. Whenever you need to know the gold storage or order status, please simply click our 24/7 Live Chat to check with our sales representative.

Q:Someone asks me return gold just after I received it, what should I do?
A:Guy4game will NEVER ask you to give back the delivered gold for any reason under any circumstances. Do not give away your currency to someone claiming to be Guy4game. Be careful of the in game scammers!

Q:Your prices double rose on my server, what's up?
A:There will be only one reason if the game currency prices change a lot in a short period: the demands excess the supplies. Guy4game will never abuse the price for no reason. We dedicate to provide high quality service with low price.

Never get gold back policy

There are a lot of scammers in game. They stay in game scamming players by pretending to be one of our deliverer. They even create a very similar name to misdirect players. When you trade with a low level character, so after they will create a similar name character to trade you, asking you to give gold back. If you give gold to the scammer, you will lose the gold.

Guy4game will never ask you to return your currency in game. Do not give away your currency to anyone even who claims to be from Guy4game or the one who just traded you.

If meet any violation or issues you could report to us through live chat or email, the scammers will be punished.

Guy4game Service Reviews

Buy SWTOR Creditspay close attention to prices which are updated every day to ensure the most reasonable price. We strive to provide our customers with the most cost-effective commodities.

100% Safedeliver the cheap Swtor credits via in game mail, making it 100% safe and reliable. Our professional team guarantees that every order is completed successfully and to your satisfaction.

24 Hour DeliveryCustomers' orders will be completed within 24 hours tops. If we fail to do so, you will be compensated with free Swtor credits, equal to 10% of the undelivered portion.

RefundDuring golds purchase, if we do not fulfill the order on time, a refund will be granted and issued immediately. Exception: Orders of swtor credits made using coupons are not entitled to refunds.

Guy4game Reviews

Edward patterson review:If your looking for fast pace gold without any hassle? You came to the right place I have bought gold from them many of times when I was short on gold they always had my back to get me back where I needed to be an best part the gold is really cheap An fast to get
George review:Customer service is AMAZING! I'm a frequent customer and happy with every purchase..
Jack Tyrell review:A VERY pleasant person "Dora" I messed up on the application but she hooked me up. Fantastic, quick response and cared about my issue. 5/5 star :D.
Jiin G. review:I've bought over $700 worth of rare mounts from warcraft for them, and am very pleased. No issues with account and they were honest levelers. I used them for years and have never had any issues. I've also bought gold and achievements from them before. But mostly mounts.
Joseph R. review:I have been using this site for over 2 and 1/2 years of and on and they always deliver what they say they will. Big or large orders they deliver I have always gave them
Nestor Zelarayan review:I have never trusted websites like this due to the risk of account compromise. This site changed my mind about that as I received my items very fast with no risk at all. This is the only site I would use for any game item purchases.
Nando review:Would like to thank the employee's of this website. They are very professional and courteous, I've ordered over $1,500+ of gold from them and they have always been delivered gold in a very reasonable time. I recently made an error in a gold purchase and contacted there live support and Dora helped me and changed the order for me. Would especially like to thank Dora and Panda for the exceptional service. 10/10 one of the best gold selling websites out there..
William Daly review:Great place to go to get ahead in your game, service is great, never had a problem with their services and if i had a problem they took care of it right away.
Will D. review:On time, no issues.. Love the site they have all I need and provide great service/ I would also recommend them to anyone needing help in game.
Jan Mikhail Mateo review:You read that right! I used to be a long time customer from another site which had way more expensive gold. Then today they didn't have stock the reason why i got to Way cheaper and Grace was very helpful, and I got the gold in less than 10 mins.