WoW Hellfire Assault Encounter Mechanics

This encounter is notable in that it presents different mechanics for LFR, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulties. The majority of this guide will describe the Normal mode mechanics; additional information on other difficulties can be found in the LFR, Heroic, and Mythic difficulty sections of this guide.

The main objective of the Hellfire Assault encounter is to break down the Reinforced Hellfire Door that is barring players from entering the Hellfire Citadel.

  • This is achieved by destroying the Iron Horde's Fel-Infused Siege Weapons, which spawn about once per minute and drive towards the Hellfire Cannons
  • Each Siege Weapon that players destroy will drop a box of Felfire Munitions that persists for 90 seconds or until picked up
  • Players can pick up the Felfire Munitions and carry it to one of the two Hellfire Cannons flanking the gate through which players entered the raid
  • The Felfire Munitions will automatically be thrown to the Cannon when the player moves close enough to it
  • This gives the Hellfire Cannon enough ammunition to fire Hellfire Rounds at the Reinforced Hellfire Door four times
  • 24 total shots, or 6 boxes of Felfire Munitions, are required to destroy the Reinforced Hellfire Door and complete the encounter
If a player dies while carrying Felfire Munitions, the box will drop near the player's corpse, and another player can pick it up.

Felfire Artillery attacking the Hellfire Cannon
The Iron Horde will be defending the Citadel by attempting to destroy the Hellfire Cannons that players are using to break down the Reinforced Hellfire Door.
  • If a Hellfire Cannon is destroyed, it will unleash Hellfire Destruction, instantly killing all players
  • The Felfire Flamebelcher, Felfire Crusher, and Felfire Artillery Siege Weapons will attack the Hellfire Cannons until destroyed
  • Additionally, any untanked Hellfire Reinforcement adds will also use their damaging abilities on the Hellfire Cannons
  • Hellfire Reinforcements consist of the familiar trash mobs - Gorebound Felcasters, Hulking Berserkers, Contracted Engineers, and Iron Dragoons
This fight requires players to quickly prioritize adds based on their threat level to the Hellfire Cannons and to the raid, is heavy on AoE, and has moderate movement requirements.
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Siegemaster Mar'tak

Targeted by Howling Axe
At the start of the encounter, players will be faced with a mini-boss, Siegemaster Mar'tak, who is accompanied by a Gorebound Felcaster, a Contracted Engineer, and two Iron Dragoons.
  • Siegemaster Mar'tak will frequently create a Shockwave, facing a random player and summoning a cone of earthen spikes
  • Players struck by the spikes will take heavy damage and be knocked back
  • Mar'tak will also periodically target three players with Howling Axe
  • When the Howling Axe debuff wears off, she will throw her axe at the indicated players, traveling to each target before returning to Siegemaster
  • Players struck in this fashion take heavy damage and will splash that damage onto other players within 8 yards
  • The three marked players must be sure to move away from the rest of the raid and each other before the Howling Axe debuff fades
  • Mar'tak also buffs herself and nearby enemy units with Inspiring Presence, the effect of which increases over time
  • Once Mar'tak reaches 50% health, she flees the encounter area, removing the Shockwave, Howling Axe, and Inspiring Presence mechanics from the fight

Felfire Crushers will Bore players with its electrified ram

And will Burn players beside or behind it
Throughout the encounter, large metal capsules will be launched into the encounter area.
  • The impact point for these capsules is marked by large orange ground effects
  • Players within a few yards of the impact will take Capsule Impact damage and be knocked back
  • Once landed, the capsules will open, and Hellfire Reinforcement adds will emerge
  • Tanks must quickly pick these adds up so they do not run to the Hellfire Cannons and damage them - particularly the Hulking Berserkers
  • Players should kill the adds according to the appropriate kill priority
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Fel-Infused Siege Weapons

After a short time, Fel-Infused Siege Weapons will enter the battle, heading toward a Hellfire Cannon with the intent to destroy it. There are three types of Siege Weapon vehicles that players will deal with on the Normal difficulty of this encounter.
  • Felfire Flamebelchers will Belch Flame at the Cannons, dealing heavy damage to the Cannon with each shot, and also dealing damage to players within 3 yards of the impact
  • Felfire Crushers will Bore any players standing in its path, bears several untargetable Gorebound Siegeriders that blast Burn off the sides and back of the vehicle, and will Crush the Hellfire Cannon upon reaching it, quickly destroying it
  • Felfire Artillery will fire Artillery Blast at the Cannons, dealing extremely heavy damage to the Cannon and any players within 40 yards
  • Except while carrying Felfire Munitions to the Hellfire Cannons, or picking up adds that slipped past the tank, players should stay away from the Cannons to avoid taking incidental damage from these effects
Players must kill these Siege Weapons as quickly as possible, and carry the Felfire Munitions to the Hellfire Cannon so the Cannons can shoot the Reinforced Hellfire Door. Destroying the Reinforced Hellfire Door will complete the encounter.