How To Get To Isle Of Thunder

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Getting there

To get to the Isle of Thunder, take a portal from the faction camps outside the Shado-Pan Garrison in west-central Townlong Steppes. The island is in its own instance and it is not possible to fly there. This portal does not show up if you are not at an appropriate stage.

  • Alliance portal camp at [49.7, 68.7]

  • Horde portal camp at[50.6, 73.4]


Maps and subregions

Initial zone map
Final zone map
  • Backbreaker Bay
    • Rhonin's Beard
    • The Seabolt
    • Spellsails
  • Bay of Echoes
  • The Beast Pens
  • Bleak Hollow
  • Bloodied Crossing
  • Conqueror's Terrace
  • Court of Bones
    • Hall of the Defamed
    • Hall of the Exalted
    • Hall of the Grand Imperion
  • Dawnseeker Promontory
    • Battlefront Provisions
  • Diremoor
  • The Emperor's Gate
  • The Foot of Lei Shen
  • Greymist Firth
    • The Crimson Treader
    • Salabria
    • The Starchaser
  • Heyman's Hubris
  • Ihgaluk Crag
  • Lightning Vein Mine
  • Shadewood Thicket
  • Shaol'mara
  • Stormsea Landing
  • The Swollen Vault
  • The Thunder Forges
  • Violet Rise
  • Whispering Inlet
  • Wildvine Marsh
  • Za'Tual
  • Za'Tual boneyard
  • Zeb'tula


Instance name Level range Group size Approximate run time
Throne of Thunder 90 10/25-player 5+ Hours
Troves of the Thunder King 90 1-player 5 min

Travel hubs

  • The Crimson Treader / Dawnseeker Promontory
  • The Seabolt / Violet Rise

Regions adjacent to the Isle of Thunder

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Townlong Steppes 89-90 South Portal