How to get to Mulgore

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Mulgore is the starting zone for Tauren characters, a zone filled with grassy plains bordered by high mountains. The quests teach players about Tauren spirituality and the Earthmother, cover the political changes related to Baine, and introduce players to the vast array of wildlife and hunt in the zone.

Quick Facts
  • Level: 1 - 10
  • Battle pet level: 1 - 2
  • Territory: Horde
  • Instance type: Zone
  • City: Thunder Bluff
  • Starting Zone: Camp Narache
  • Continent: Kalimdor

Getting there

Alliance: From Fort Triumph, travel northwest past the Ruins of Taurajo to Mulgore; either side of the gate.
Horde: From Desolation Hold travel north to the Ruins of Taurajo, then west to Mulgore; either side of the gate - players will have to sneak past the Alliance forces there.

Flight Master locations

Bloodhoof Village
Thunder Bluff

Zeppelin locations

Thunder Bluff (Spirit Rise to Orgrimmar)

Adjacent regions

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access Access
Desolace 30-35 West By foot to Fort Triumph, then to Karnum's Glade (multi-point flight) from Thunder Bluff to Thunk's Abode or Shadowprey Village
Feralas 35-40 Southwest By foot to Fort Triumph, then to Shadebough(multi-point flight) from Thunder Bluff to Camp Mojache
Southern Barrens 30-35 East By foot east By foot east; from Thunder Bluffto Hunter's Hill
Stonetalon Mountains 25-30 North By foot to Fort Triumph, then to Northwatch Expedition Base Camp (multi-point flight) from Thunder Bluff toMalaka'Jin or Sun Rock Retreat


Mulgore is temperate with hills, plains (grassland), and some rugged mountains.[2]

Mulgore is a sheltered and pastoral valley surrounded by mountains on all sides, and accessible only through a pass to the southeast. Resembling a huge pasture, the area is covered with verdant green grass and few trees. An oddity of the landscape, the tall cliffs of Thunder Bluff tower over the fields in the center of the zone.

It is possible for non-tauren to explore Red Cloud Mesa without actually running all the way up. By hugging the cliff below, the area will appear on the map.

Mulgore contains no dungeons of any type and no battlegrounds.

The quilboar activity has increased at Red Cloud Mesa, so much that great portions of the normally fertile area has now been transformed into giant mazes of brambles. In addition, the usual pass between the Mesa and the remainder of Mulgore has collapsed. A new entry has been laid directly from Camp Narache north to the rolling grasses nearBloodhoof Village.

A path stretches down now from the hills that border Stonetalon Mountains. The Grimtotem are attempting to strike from this camp, but Baine Bloodhoof has other ideas. A new Tauren encampment has also been erected northeast of this embattled path, Camp Sungraze.

Despite the loss of their beloved chief, it seems the remainder of Mulgore has escaped the wrath of the Cataclysm.