How do I use the Legion Appearance UI?

Q - When you buy items or pick up items, how do you know that if it gets added to the Wardrobe

A - For new items you get a prompt in your chat window.

Q - Does the new wardrobe system help look up items

A - Yes. If you go through the wardrobe and there is a helm you like the look of, it will show you what that helm is, where it can be found and what items share the same look.

Q - Saving "outfits" is also a new feature. Do "outfits" get shared across character

A - As of this post, No. When you save an outfit on one character it only stays on that character.

What items are added to my Appearance Tab What restrictions are there

Here will will go over a few common questions that players have involving the new system, and even go through some questions that have been answered before just to help refresh the memory.

Q - Will I have to re-collect transmog items that I already have in my bank or inventory in order for it to be added to the wardrobe

A - Nope. Any items you have in your inventory will be added to the wardrobe and you will not have to re-collect anything that you are currently holding on to.

Q - What about quest items

A - Any quests that you did in the past or in Legion, if the quest presented you with choosing either an axe, sword, or shield, then the wardrobe will register all 3 of those items. So that that includes the one you picked as well as the ones you did not choose.

Q - So I can't unlock a tier item in my wardrobe that isn't for my class

A - Correct. However many tiers have look-a-like items in the same raid and different color variations. So if you can collect and equip the look-a-likes then you can essentially get the tier items. This doesn't hold true for older raid tiers since those are much more unique. A notable exception is Tier 3 armor acquired via the Black Market Auction House--that armor was not class-specific at the time it was created, and it would be unfair to restrict it in Legion.

Q - What about things we can't equip

A - Short answer, No. Long answer, essentially let's say you play a Death Knight. If a quest reward offers you a shield, or you loot a shield, that shield will not be added to your wardrobe. If you cannot equip the item, it will not be added. That being said, even if a Death Knight can equip a cloth helm, it still will not be added to your wardrobe because it is not meant for your class, at the same time, the if you got Class:Warrior tier, it still won't count. So to clarify, you must be able to equip the item, it must be of your primary armor type, and it must be able to be obtainable and equipped by your class. Once these terms are met, then the item will be added to your wardrobe.

Q - So is the system account wide

A - Basically yes. However that is if the items were added to the wardrobe. If you are a Deathknight and found a wand, it means it did not get added to the wardrobe, so when you log on your Mage, it will not be available to you. However, if you have obtained a sword, then when you log on a Warrior, that sword is available in the wardrobe for you. Tabards and shirts, for example, are account-wide.

Q - How about items with the "Cosmetic" classification

A - Anything that reads "Cosmetic" on the item will unlock in the wardrobe across all of your characters.

Q - Warlord's completed all gold challenge modes. What happens with the weapon appearances

A - If you completed all gold challenge modes, you will be able to purchase Arsenal: Draenor Challenger's Armaments for 3,000 gold. Using this item will unlock all the weapon appearances in your wardrobe account wide.

Q - And how about Mists of Pandaria Challenge Mode Gear

A - As of this post, those stay the same in regards to only the class/character you obtained the gear can wear it. However, there are new versions coming in Legion that look similar but have a couple noticeable changes, such as color, shoulders, and no effects.

Q - Can you transmog over your new artifact weapon

A - Yes. You are able to transmog your older favorite weapons and change your artifact weapons.

Q - How about Reputation items Like Laughing Skulls masks that are Cosmetic or Ashran gear

A - You must meet all requirements on that character in order to use that transmog item. This includes Reputation. If you unlocked a rep item on one character and another character doesn't have the appropriate rep, then they cannot transmog to that item

Q - Do white items or gray items that get added to the wardrobe

A - Only items that are marked as Cosmetic. The remaining items will not be added, but their appearances will be added if you collect an uncommon, rare, or epic item with that look.

Q - What about holiday items

A - Holiday items, unless marked as Cosmetic, do not count towards the Wardrobe. Good news: some holiday items were recently changed to be cosmetic like Winter Veil socks, Midsummer crown, and the Pilgrim's Hat.

Q - Shirts and Tabards were added to the transmog group. Do they work the same as gear transmog or do you need to equip them

A - For items that are Bind on Equip, which are many shirts, you need to equip them in order to learn the appearance. Tabards are BoP and their appearance will be added as soon as you obtain the item.

Q - We know about deleted quest reward items being added retroactively. How about items that are crafted from patterns that are no longer obtainable

A - Deleted appearances related to only the questing system will be added retroactively to the Wardrobe.

Q - If one item has 2-3 color variations, will collecting one of the items, unlock all color variants

A - No other color variants will be unlocked if you collect one color. If you collect the red color, then you only unlock the red color, not the blue or green.

Q - Warlocks used to save weapons for their Felguard, does this effect the Wardrobe at all Or will we have to continue to save weapons in our bags like how current live is

A - Warlocks will need to continue to hold onto those weapons. Same as it is on live currently.

Q - Is there a level requirement for transmogging some items

A - As of this post Yes. There are a few items that appear with a red boarder and a level requirement.