Legion Ashran Location:how to get to Ashran

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Ashran is a level 100 instanced cross-realm "end game" world PvP zone found in eastern Draenor. The name also refers to the greater Ashran zone, including the Alliance and Horde capitals, which are set outside of the PvP zone itself.

The zone has a cap of 40 players per side, with multiple Ashran instances for each server. When a player enters the zone, they will either be invited to join the battle, or if all instances of the zone are already at the cap for their faction, placed in a queue to join. Players who are not currently part of the battle will be teleported back to their faction staging area after a few seconds. Queued players will be invited to join the battle through a summons which will teleport them into an instance of the zone. Entering Ashran will automatically flag players for PvP combat, regardless of server type, and players will remain PvP flagged as long they are in the zone.

Found off the north east coast of Draenor's Tanaan Jungle, Ashran is the same island that held Deathwing's Lair shortly after the Second War.




Fungal giant


Grand Marshal Tremblade
High Warlord Volrath






Eastern Draenor

PvP status

Combat zone

Getting there

Access to Ashran is achieved primarily through flightmasters, who will fly Alliance and Horde players into their respective faction capitals of Stormshield and Warspear, respectively, found somewhat outside the PvP zone. There are no flightpaths within the PvP zone itself, but it can accessed easily by ground from the capitals.

The ocean surrounding the island is not deep enough to incur fatigue, and as such it is completely possible to reach Ashran from mainland Draenor and vice-versa.

PvP zone overview

  • Large-scale battle with a huge number of players.
  • Features numerous battle NPCs and summonable creatures.
  • Features a balance of PvP and PvE elements, from world PvP-style skirmishes and huge zergs, to raid boss-style PvE challenges and mob-farming similar to daily quests.
  • Features resources to gather, which may be used in several ways.
  • Features multiple objectives, as well as special time-limited events.
  • There is a fortress for each faction, as well as five capture points along the zone's main lane.
  • The zone features a large central battle pushing toward the opposing faction's base.
  • The outer edges of the zone feature rares and activities similar to the Timeless Isle.
  • Ashran is a cross-realm zone, drawing players from a consistent selection of realms.
  • Once there are more than 5 players in Ashran, the zone uses faction balancing to prevent either faction from gaining a larger population. Players are unable to enter the zone unless balanced by another player of the opposite faction.
  • Each realm will point to a single Ashran instance, but multiples realms may point to any given Ashran instance. The aim is to match realms within the same data center as much as possible.
  • Because it is a real world zone, Ashran does not feature the limitations found in other PvP areas such as battlegrounds or arenas. Consequently, almost any item that works in the wider world will work in Ashran. This includes special Garrison items, such as siege vehicles.
  • As with other zones, players are able to bring friends from other realms to their own Ashran instance by inviting them to their party.
  • Inspired by "those early Alterac Valley battles", Ashran is "designed to be an epic tug-of-war style battle, where you can either take direct part of the battle on the front lines, or work towards various other objectives that will support your faction in the main push."
  • An instanced area, using "some new tech" with no loading screen, such that players "won't feel the transition".
  • Ashran is larger than Alterac Valley, with comparable length but greater width.
  • Ashran has its own Battle Standards.