Legion Endgame Outdoor Activities

Are you worried that people will feel overwhelmed by choice when they open up their map Will there be guidelines
  • Yes! These are called world quests, although they won't clog up your quest log or anything, they pop up when you enter the area. There will be 5-6 choices in any zone, but you can choose any of those that you want.
  • At your class order hall, you'll have emissaries - once a day one from each zone. This is a bonus to doing your outdoor quests - if you do what they ask, you get more reward.
  • There will be a new emissary every day, or you can just do your objectives at your leisure without doing the bonus.
  • Emissaries will stack up, like Hearthstone quests; if you don't log in for 3 days you can do all 3 on that third day.
How are you going to get people out in the world
  • Not actually quests in the quest log, world quests are more of a bonus objective; enter the area and it shows up.
  • The content is different stuff all over - Mini games, boss kills, collects, combat quests, disguise, sneaking, get something, etc., - they are unique based on area.
  • Each individual world quest will have variance. For example, if there are 3 objectives in a Naga area, one day it could be kill 2 bosses and collect 5 tridents. The next day could be kill 1 boss and collect 10 tridents and kill a named mob. The objectives can change from day to day; same space but different objectives in that space.
  • This will push the shelf life of endgame in Legion.
How else will you keep people interested in this content throughout Legion
  • Artifact will keep lots of people playing - lots of space to add content there as well.
  • Class order missions is also a big change that is very flexible and can be added to.
  • The key is the rewards, we want them to feel worth it.
  • Scaling reward concept comes in here; there is a base of items that most people will get but there is a small chance to get a higher level reward based on what you're doing.
  • We are trying to make it so you can get the same item of gear from various sources but, for example, there would be a higher chance in a dungeon vs world questing.

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