Legion Helmouth Shallows Overview

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Helmouth Shallows is a shallow bay found in Stormheim.[61, 40] The Tideskorn Harbor is found on the deeper sections here.

Scavenging the Shallows

Search the Shipwreck Debris in Helmouth Shallows for Havi's clue.

Relevant Locations

The entirety of this quest happens in Stormheim.


The kvaldir exist to spite Odyn, and it is here their spiteful work is done. They rob the souls of the living - the souls not yet judged - thus robbing Odyn of his champions. They bring them here to transport to Helya, though the mists obscure any indications of how. You seem to fare the mists well. Perhaps if you search the wreckage in the bay, the answer may present itself. You outsiders seem to have a knack for uncovering the most hidden of secrets.


You will receive: 15 (or 18 28 50 if completed at level 110)


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 14,800 experience
  • 150 reputation with Valarjar