Legion Isle Of Conquest Tabard

This item is a PvP reward for completing the meta-achievement Master of Isle of Conquest. There are two designs, one for alliance, one for horde.

  • Tabard of Conquest
  • Item Level 75
  • Binds when picked up
  • Tabard

Master of Isle of Conquest

Complete the Isle of Conquest achievements listed below.


Isle of Conquest Veteran
Four Car Garage
Cut the Blue Wire... No the Red Wire!
Back Door Job
Glaive Grave
Mowed Down
All Over the Isle
Demolition Derby


You will receive:
Tabard of Conquest

The Isle of Conquest (IoC for short) is a 40 vs 40 battleground. Similar to Alterac Valley, the main objective of the battleground is the defeat of the opposing general, but to achieve this players will have to fight for control of workshops and docks, destroy enemy defenses with siege engines and demolishers, and sky-dive behind enemy lines from massive airships. Players can queue for Isle of Conquest from level 75.

The isle is of immense strategic value due to containing docks, a cobalt quarry, an oil refinery with a derrick, a siege workshop and a fully equippedgunship hangar.