Legion Order Halls Set Preview

Class Order Halls in Legion are distinctive zones unique to each class where you can work on your artifact and progress on the Order Hall Campaign. This article provides an overview of what you'll find in each class' Order Hall!

Getting to the Order Hall

To get to your Order Hall, most classes will have to enter via a portal in Dalaran. These portals are scattered around the city with related NPCs outside the portal:
  • Priest and Paladin: Faction's Battle Hall, Greyfang Enclave and Windrunner's Sanctuary.
  • Shaman: Portal by Dalaran Flight Area.
  • Demon Hunter: Use Glide to fly to a small island nearby Dalaran.
  • Rogue: Show your insignia to several shopkeepers in Dalaran to enter a secret passageway. These shops are marked by ravens sitting overhead.
  • Warlock: Pathway to the sewers.
  • Hunter: Special network of eagle flightpaths. Talk to Talua to fly to Trueshot Lodge.
  • Warrior: Step into the Val'kyr's light on Krasus' Landing, then hit the button to jump to Halls of Valor.
  • Death Knights, Druids, Mages, and Monks have teleports: Death Gate, Dreamwalk, Teleport: Hall of the Guardian, Zen Pilgrimage

Each class has some unique flavor. Here are some examples:

  • Druids have a set of Emerald Dreamway portals to other iconic nature zones. The Dreamgrove is also home to two pets: Broot and Nightmare Lasher
  • Rogues get an additional BMAH NPC. The vault also contains Suspicious Crate.
  • Shamans have a totem version of "Light's Out." Winning this game rewards Lava Fountain. This Order Hall is also home to the pet Snowfang
  • Warriors can duel each other in the Sparring Arena. The arena event rewards Stormforged Vrykul Horn.
  • Demon Hunters and Warlocks can get the pet Hateful Eye from their respective Order Halls.

Order Hall Activities

Why travel to your Order Hall There are several things you can do there:
  • Change the appearance of your Artifact. While you can add Artifact Power to your weapon and select traits anywhere in the world, you need to head back to the Order Hall to change its look.
  • Refund Artifact Traits.
  • Giving NPCs books so they can research them to increase your Artifact Knowledge.
  • Complete Order Hall missions. These missions are much less frequent than Garrison Missions. Their rewards also encourage you to go out into the world and complete more content. For example, the dungeon mission Investigate Darkheart Thicket rewards the quest item Vial of Poisoned Blood which in turn sends you to the instance. There are also Champions and Troops, instead of followers.
  • Turn in some class-specific quests to further the lore of your class. These have some major lore spoilers and shed some light on your class. We have been playing through some of them on the Legion Alpha (spoilers): Death Knight Four Horsemen, Paladin Meeting of the Silver Hand, Shaman Return of the Windlord, Warlock Searching the Archives.
  • Retrieve the Grand Challenger's Bounty, a reward for completing a Mythic+ dungeon with a keystone the week before.
  • Visit the Quartermaster to purchase Order Hall armor sets, transmog weapons, armor set upgrades, and some books to learn cosmetic abilities.
  • In a Class Order Hall, you can mingle with other members of your class, of both factions!
  • To learn more, check out our Order Hall Missions, Order Advancement and Champions databases.

Order Hall Armor Sets

Each class can purchase an 8-piece set from their Order Hall. These will resemble Mists of Pandaria Challenge Mode gear with some modifications. Each item is acquired a different way:
  • Helm - simple Order Hall quest
  • Wrists - Recruit 6 Champions for Order Hall.
  • Gloves - Honored with Nightfallen.
  • Leggings - Revered with 3 Broken Isles reputations.
  • Feet - Defeat the final boss of every Legion Dungeon.
  • Chest - Complete your Class Order Campaign.
  • Belt - Earn 50,000 Artifact Power.
  • Shoulders - Exalted with the Nightfallen.
Some items in the set start off at higher levels than others. The items to upgrade this gear also have unique requirements:
  • To 810: Honored with Nightfallen. Cost: 5000
  • To 825: Defeat the final boss of every Legion dungeon, on any difficulty. Cost: 10000
  • To 840: Reach Exalted with the Night fallen. Cost: 15000
Browse all of the armor set appearances in our Legion Armor Sets Guide!

Order Hall Advancement

Players can use Order Resources to fill out a special Order Advancement tech tree. There are six tiers of abilities, and players can choose between two options for tiers 1 through 5.
  • The first tier is a choice between increasing success chance of the first mission per day, or increasing the chance that quest rewards have rare or epic upgrades.
  • The second tier has a class-specific perk like an Eagle Network for hunters or a special mount for Mounted Combat, or an ability which increases the success chance for missions.
  • The third tier increases the amount of troops you can recruit, or allows you to place Work Orders for Champion equipment.
  • The fourth tier lets you choose between ways in which your troops can become stronger.
  • The fifth tier is a bit inconsistent. Options range from getting a Work Order for raid loot bonus rolls to unlocking stronger troops to instantly completing a World Quest on your map.
  • The sixth tier increases the number of legendary items which can be equipped. It is also related to unlocking the third artifact relic slot.
The first tier requires level 100 and 50, the second tier requires level 105 and 500, and the remaining tiers require 110 and the following resource amounts: 1000, 10000,12500, 15000

In addition, each option will take time to research, with the final option requiring 14 days.