Leveling in Legion

  • Demon Hunters will have their own unique mount and work closely with Illidan who isn't prepared for their arrival. They will start in Mardum then end up escaping from the Warden's prison.
  • Val'Sharah is a druid oriented zone--there will be new models for Druids, including an updated Sea Lion and Moonkin form.
  • Stormheim is about the Vyrkul and introduces a new dragonflight, the new stormdragons!
  • Aszuna is a ravaged and cursed Night Elf zone. Azshara has devastated it and many of its inhabitants are cursed; there will be new Naga models, new male Banshees, and more.
  • Highmountain is an earthy zone, focused around the Tauren. Unique, new models for Tauren exist and all the creatures, including copious Harpies and moose, are very aggressive and strong compared to usual.
  • Suramar is a destroyed land with a city that remained pristine through magic--the Nightwell powered and protected it. As such, the inhabitants are addicted to its energy. Known as the Nightborne, they are allied with the legion. They exile some of their kin who become depraved lunatics without the Nightwell's support, eventually becoming withered.
  • There will be two raids (The Emerald Nightmare and the Palace of Suramar). Players will face Cenarius, Xavius, and a blighted dragon.
  • All leveling is scaled: zones can be approached at any level and will scale naturally, leading everyone to Suramar for 110. This lets the player pick their path.
  • There will be ten dungeons, five of which will scale and five which will be end-game.
  • Challenge modes are redone and will be less about rushing to completion and more about an actual challenge! There will be random buffs added to make it more challenger, e.g. periodic damage throughout the dungeon or extra damage from mobs. Gear will no longer be downscaled and there will not be gold, silver, etc ranks any longer.

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Legion Liveblog

  • Cutscene the first to start a story in an expansion.
  • Legion invasion coming directly from tomb of Sargeras
  • Hand off in the cinematic is to Varian and Sylvanas on the Broken Shore
  • Broken Shore is the spring board for the expansion, gets everyone on the same page.
  • Boost experience is separate so actual Broken Shore area is a "40 player scenario".

Demon Hunter Introduction

  • Demon Hunter introduction
  • They are quite serious about battling the legion!
  • Illidan opens portal to Mardum for demon hunters
  • NEW DEMONS!: winged gargoyle model!
  • Demon Hunters get their own fel saber mount, you learn abilities as you quest
  • After you're introduced, you join your faction
  • return to mardum to establish your class order hall
  • start your artifact quest line!


  • Val'sharah - Emerald nightmare within
  • Forgotten area of druidism where Malfurion met Cenarius
  • Tracking corruption of the land - many corrupted areas in the zone
  • Meet archdruids in the zone whom you quest with
  • Xavius caused satyrs to flood the zone
  • New moonkin model preview with more character detail
  • New sea lion form for Druids as well
  • Val'sharah zone concept piece, gives palate for the zone
  • other assets based on that concept piece
  • Zone twist is the "Nightmare"
  • how to depict nightmare in game was conceptualized in different ways
  • Video of that zone presented


  • Rugged natural beauty, dangerous, highlands, ravines, treacherous nature of land that embodies spirit of Vra'kul, its inhabitants
  • Intro scenario to Stormheim, picks up story of Vra'kul seeking new gods
  • God king seeks entrance to Halls of Valor, sories of Kvaldir and Val'kyr
  • "Mystic vrakul" "Ascendant Val'kyr", "Skovald'
  • NEW DRAGONFLIGHT: stormdragons
  • Stormheim started with "Fall colors" concept piece
  • New Vrykul architecture


  • Azshara's vengeance was unimaginable, world is destroyed and ruined
  • (Also you can see way further in WoW in Legion! 3x as far! New rendering tech!)
  • Contains dying remnants of the Blue Dragonflight
  • Arcane energies help them in Asuna
  • Azuna inhabitant are cursed--new Spectre models
  • All new high res Naga models
  • New creature: Wrath of Azshara
  • Warden warriors and owl companions on the Warden's Isle
  • General themes is the "Greek isle" theme with stylized olive and cypress trees


  • Tauren clans live here, descendants of those who fought in war of the ancients--Rivermane, Skyhorn, Bloodtotem clans
  • new skins and models such as Alpine Harpies and Ettin
  • Large, aggressive mobs in Highmountain
  • new creatures like BABY MOOSE
  • Highmountain Tauren have moose--type horns, range of different inscribed and decorated horns on the NPCs
  • Horns show clan affiliation and rank
  • Highmountain has a unique pine forest which became the foundation of the zone
  • Lots of new Tauren concept art


  • Zone where the Sargeras quest line culminates
  • Palace of Suramar has grand arcane well to create massive shield zone to protect the city
  • The elves became dependent on this Nightwell, an abused and corrupted power source
  • New night elf type: Nightborne - master arcanists, can conjure armor and weapons at will
  • Nightfallen - withered night elves in dark places of Suramar
  • "Arcane" colour scheme for zone - foundation piece of magenta/other colored trees
  • Ancient night elves are arcane based, unlike current druidic night elves
  • Suramar city was a very ambitious project, creating a playable night else metropolis

Leveling in Legion

  • What order do we do zones in Easy answer: THE ZONES SCALE! You can do the zones while leveling in any order you chose (4 level up zones)
  • All roads still lead to Suramar - level 110 Zone, conclusion of journey for now
  • This makes this easier to play with your friends - you can do the same zone at different levels
  • World is scaled, not players
  • You will still get scaled quest rewards
  • Artifact will always keep you ahead of the power curve while leveling
  • Non-scaling large scary monsters like fel reaver will still exist

Endgame in Legion

  • Goal is best of both worlds: warlords/mop dailies, balance between freedom for objectives and take multiple roots to success but also imbue it with a sense of purpose and reason for your actions
  • Since it's all flexible zones, you can put dailies all over since it can all scale up to 110
  • System of out door world quests, constantly ongoing and always changing - "World quests"
  • Map updates with varied quests, objectives, with varied reasons and rewards
  • They vary in time--some are a few hours, some rare quests stay on for a week, a more organic sense of new things around the world. They want to overwhelm you with choices and options
  • Huge list of things, decide what rewards you value and what you want to tackle and go do it
  • Many tied to factions in the Broken Isles
  • Could be some PvP objectives, tower assault, kill some NPCs in flagged area
  • Could be killing world raid bosses
  • Could be profession related, unique outdoor objectives
  • Bringing back fun mini-games - Gnomebliteration, Roll Club, etc
  • Emissaries from different factions show up at your order hall can ask you to do various objectives
  • If you don't log in every day that's ok--freedom to do different things in this system
  • More info on outdoor endgame coming


  • Raids will come out, same pacing as WOD
  • Emerald Nightmare first raid - 7 bosses and was originally the Emerald Dream
  • Climbing a world tree to enter into the reality of the dream
  • First raid boss in Emerald Dream is a Dragon!
  • The Pestilence Worm - former a green dragon that defending the dream, now a dragon of death and decay
  • Boss 2: Corrupted Cenarius, due to the nightmare
  • Xavius manifested in the nightmare he looks like a huge big grotesque demon.
  • Palace of Suramar is a 10 boss raid, Gul'dan's base of operation
  • Nightwell is being infused with a Pillar of Creation
  • Not a dark demon raid, it's a majestic elven city
  • Combining concept art and 2D raid layout
  • Has things like a garden, an observatory, etc
  • Root our demons of the legion and the Nightborne who have betrayed their brethren
  • Boss: Grand Magistrix of the Nightborne
  • Final boss : Gul'dan


  • Ten dungeons coming
  • Five dungeons scale with level in accordance with Level up system, where the final five are max level
  • Eye of Azshara, Neltharian's Lair, Halls of Valour, Dark Heart Thicket, (new) Violet Hold
  • Dungeons are very integrated into the stories of the zones
  • Vault of the Wardens, Black Rook Hold, Hellheim, Suramar Noble District, and Suramar Catacombs are the max level dungeons
  • "Mini attunement": find another way in to the Palace from the Catacombs through foundations of the Nightwell
  • Dark Heart Thicket: foot of the World Tree, rescue an ally in the clutches of the nightmare. Our reality + threat of the nightmare
  • Halls of Valor: like Valhalla, where greatest warriors of Vry'kul goes
  • Hellheim: fallen val'yr, waiting for Ship of the Damned upon which you do this dungeon! - Ghostly ship feel, on your way to rescue "precious cargo".
  • Black Rook Hold: elven fortress towering over Val'sharah - militaristic side of Night Elves. Lord Ravencrest, Illidan's mentor - discovering Illidan's secrets.

Challenge Modes

  • Goals: avoid repetition, keep variety in difficulty and reward, etc.
  • CM repurposed as true open ended, endgame experience. Dungeon is as hard as you need it to be, with commensurate reward.
  • In Legion CMs you start a CM with a keystone and it has a power level associated with it.
  • There is still a timer, but not a frenetic mad dash, more about core dungeon game play.
  • Pass your keystone allows you to try a harder level with better rewards.
  • Fail you get a lower level keystone so you can try again.
  • Unbounded progression - there will always be a new step on the path to difficulty.
  • Can always ad new modifiers to health/damage/affixes in the dungeon.
  • "Raging affix - all creatures below 30% do double damage"
  • extra mobs, extra enemies in pulls, molten mobs, constant dots damage through whole dungeon
  • starts at small step above of Heroic dungeons.
  • Higher you go - better rewards. This can be a genuine alternate path to raiding.
  • More to come!