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WoW Gold Making Tactics
The auction house is the main way to make gold. No it does not provide gold quickly but it does provides a steady stream of gold every day. The auction house is very helpful when you want to save up for something, want to hit the gold cap, or have something incredibly valuable in your bags and want to sell it. The original AH is very annoying without addons to use at least in my opinion. With addons however, the AH interface becomes extremely simple making it easy to post, cancel and view your auctions. This section will be explaining the basics of how to use the AH and which addons I think are useful with the AH. Also it will cover some tips for getting started. Note that AH goes great parred with Farming and it's allot simpler getting started, so I will also be covering the subject of the AH in the Farming section.

Very Long, Long, & Short

There are three types of times for auctions.
  • Very Long which is greater than 12 hours, typically 48 hours if just posted.
  • Long which is between 2 hrs and 12 hours, typically 24 hours if just posted.
  • Short which is 2 hours or less, you can't post auctions at this time.

Checking The AH

Before you post anything on the AH always, always make sure to check the prices. After a while you'll kind of memorize the prices on the AH but when you're starting out you should always search for the item you want to sell and check the price. If you have addons they definitely they'll definitely help you just need to do a scan daily which can around 20 minutes at least on my server.


Reselling is where you find an item that's selling for extremely cheap then re-post it for more. For example if  Sky Golem was on the AH for 1,600 then you'd want to buy that and re-post it for the current price. If you do happen to find a deal like this, waste no time in thinking, just purchase it. Deals like this are extremely rare. I use auctioneer for scans and then I can search for good deals although there is one section I check manually. The mount section. I like to look at the mount section and see if there are any good deals for TCG mounts or anything else selling for cheap. Reselling is an amazing tactic in gold making especially if you don't have the time, can't, or don't like farming. Reselling is reasonably fast in can run in the background while doing homework, housework, or anything else. If you have the time, you can also run through the auction house pages manually, though I would not recommend it because of how much time it takes.

Buying Out The AH

This is one of the tactics on the auction house but I would recommend becoming familiar with your servers common prices before attempting this. Buying out the AH is where you have an item on the auction house and there are multiples of the item you are trying to sell. You would buy all of the other ones on the AH leaving only your own. This is a very dangerous tactic and you need to know the common prices, how often the item is on the AH, and how many. Say if for example there was 50 of one item, in this case using this tactic would be a total waste of money and energy. If however, you have an item and there's only one of that item on the AH for a decent price you should buy that and then post your item. This is very dangerous and I highly recommend getting into the gold business for a while before you try this.

Selling Gear

Gear usually sells well depending on a few things, how well it looks and what expansion it was from. It is for selling gear that the add-on MogIt is so helpful for. If the gear looks nice people will pay more money for it. I find that greens sell particularly well. I would recommend selling only the current-expansion profession gear and profession gear that looks particularly nice. Gear from raids and cards do sell too at least when they first come out. Though raid gear does sell for a decent amount I'd equip on myself instead of selling it. It is easier to farm and quest when you have good gear. The prices do vary depending on the gear but if it was just like a green level 64 piece I'd probably post it for around 400 depending on how it looked.

The End of the Auction Section

Those are the very basics. Playing the AH is very helpful and fun if you know how to do it and enjoy doing it. Auction houses can be found in almost every capital city and if you're having trouble finding one just ask a guard. So this is the end of the auction house section. It's a very interesting way to make money and fun too.


WoW Gold Farming Legion Guide

Once you have a decent stream of income coming in from professions, you may wish to start joining the big hitters of gold making and try your hand at flipping. This is simple economics: buy low, sell high. Again, TSM is going to help you do this much easier via shopping operations. In the video I cover different aspects of flipping, and I will discuss 2 of those here. First is a market reset, here is where you buy out all of a certain item, and relist for a higher price. Here it is crucial you UNDERSTAND your market. You must know the average price of the item, and whether or not it sells frequently enough for you. You must also be aware of a 'breaking point' on the auction house. For example there are 20 primal fire for 300 gold, 10 for 350, and 20 for 500. The breaking point here is the 350 gold, so you do a soft reset, buying out everything at 350gold and below, and resetting to 499 gold. This is less risky, as you are not buying out every items (including the overpriced items), and you are only buying the cheap items = more chance of a profit. Don't get too overexcited when resetting markets... if someone undercuts you, you must decide whether or not undercut them back, buy out their item, or just leave it. Again it comes down to knowing your markets and knowing the price ranges of items. If you reset primal fire to 1500gold, and someone undercuts you putting another 50 at 1300gold, it's probably not wise to buy that person out. You would be buying for well over market value, and there is no guarantee another person wont come and undercut you again, suddenly leaving you with thousands of primal fires you bought for crazy prices... Remember, you need to buy LOW and sell HIGH

Another example of flipping is purchasing single 'rare' items, such as transmog pieces or BOEs, and relisting at a higher price. If there is only one of a particular item on the auction house, it could be worth doing this. Again however you must know your markets. If the region market value (something you can find out on TSM or TheUndermineJournal website) is much higher than what you are buying for, then you should be good. If not then it is a bit of a risk. Knowledge of items is very important here, for example if you see a 101 BOE with leech, that generally adds around 100k gold or so to the price, depending on the item level. If a 860 101 BOE is listed at the same price as an 860 101 with leech, it could be a good investment to buy out the leech item and reset. When doing this however, you must be prepared to wait a long while before seeing a return on your investment... If you only have 100k gold or so, it may be best to wait before moving into high gold flips.

Farming Field Guide

We're driving back down to basics in this section, heading out and farming for materials.

Reckles aka WTBGold has launched a new series/playlist where he will be recording the results of farming for materials from every expansion. Eventually it will be a reference resource for the entire community that tries and tests farms to find the most efficient way to obtain a particular material. It's not intended to show how much gold you could potentially make by farming particular items, but being able to quickly look up the most optimal method for acquiring an item will help in decisions as a gold-maker. The first episode covers some low-level herbs from Vanilla.

Check out and bookmark the full Herbalism playlist which will include a 'Deep Dive' supplemental video for each episode that covers the testing methods and results analysis in further detail. New playlists will be generated for each profession over the coming weeks and months.

I wanted to expand a bit on some of the addons that Reckles used in the video above as they can make an incredible difference to the efficiency and enjoyment of farming.

  1. The first addon is FarmHud which adapts your minimap in to a Head-up Display to show nearby herb or mining nodes. It even supports minimap addons such as SexyMap.
  2. The second addon is GatherMate2, an addon to collect and track herbs, mines, fishing pools, gas clouds, archaeology finds and treasures, and displays them on the world map and the mini map. You can import thousands upon thousands of tracked nodes/objects from crowd-sourced data with the GatherMate2_Data addon.
  3. Not used in the video, but Routes takes the two previous addons and makes them very powerful, allowing you to draw lines on the worldmap linking nodes together into an efficient farming route from existing databases (i.e those imported to GatherMate2). The route will be shown (by default) on the minimap and zone map as well.
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