Paul Kubit on Professions

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  • Goal - Giving you more stuff to do
  • Example: you log in on sunday and want to relax by doing professions so we're going to change recipe acquisition.
  • You won't just log into this expac and learn every recipe you need from a trainer.
  • We want you out in the world to go on adventures to find recipes.
  • Example: Tailor starts quest in Dalaran, trainer asks you to go find cloth. It fails, find a new person to help you make it work! Rest of the quest line deals with learning stuff from a Nightborne who also learns from YOU about Dalaran.
  • Example: Mining - you learn from characters on how to mine more efficiently.
  • New ore: Ley Ore
  • Mining and Herb nodes are SHARED in Legion. Druids won't steal your nodes!
  • Recipe ranks - 2 and 3 star recipes in the world, makes you more efficient at making what you already know how to make.
  • New professions/trade skill UI. Favourites list for your professions! Learned/unlearned tab
  • The example UI tab was for Enchanting, and had new shoulder enchants listed.
  • Obliterum - demon ash or dust that increases power of your crafted items. You build a forge in Dalaran that converts old crafted items into Obliterum.
  • Plenty of stuff to do: Learned all recipes Find the new ranks. New Get original recipes.
  • We want crafted items to feel unique
  • Engineering helm: Fire a bullet from your head at the current target
  • Some items have class-specific procs or effects
  • JC neck: increases run speed by 15% while enraged - class specific things.
  • Inscription: Major glyphs are GONE.
  • You still make Darkmoon Cards, and minor glyphs.
  • Minor Glyphs are a consumable applied directly to the spell
  • 1 Glyph per spell but you can glyph as many spells as you want.
  • Vantus Rune - week long buff against a particular boss, only one per week i.e. Xavius.
  • Archaeology: Months long journey through the world to create more usable items.
  • Cooking: Nomi is back, and will teach you how to make bacon!
  • Fishing: we want you feeling "What's going to happen to me today" instead of deciding what to watch on TV.