PTR Build Deploy

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Hi Friends,
PTR realms are being brought down for another new build. ETA is 1-3 hours, if it ends up going long I'll provide updates.
As usual I'll leave this thread open for discussion so long as conversations remain civil and adhere to forum guidelines.
Thanks for your patience everyone!
Really curious. Since Xelnath left do you guys even have a warlock expert
Serious question.
More nerfs for affliction and destro (because everyone was obviously clamoring about how OP those 2 specs were right )
Soul Effigy is unrewarding, poor design and now that it is 35% I think blizzard doesn't realize the "fantasy" of multidotting. Multi-dotting is a thrill affliction warlocks should get where they feel like they can do above and beyond normal dps to a few targets because they can put additional DoTs. Full powered DoTs. While other classes might have better cleave or aoe or burst this is what affliction normally brings to the table outside of standard Single target dps.
What DOESN'T feel rewarding is "multidotting" at 35% on an inanimate object to fix your single target dps. It feels like a CHORE. There's nothing hard about it; it's just utterly boring and stupid.
Soul Effigy will be this expansion's Charred Remains. But once again like Charred Remains the lack of any warlock expertise on blizzard's team means it will stay.
And they will be stubbon about it. But hey no one plays warlocks so who cares. Let's give Demon Hunters more flashy things so the youngones can get excited seeing a bunch of tick numbers proc