Saurfang'S Blessing

You are now, and forever will be, a Knight of the Ebon Blade, <name>, but know this: you were once a hero of the Horde.

<Darion stares at you.>

This order must establish allies for itself if it is to survive. You must represent the Knights of the Ebon Blade to the Horde.

On the platform, southeast of me, is a portal to Orgrimmar. Take this letter, given to me on your behalf by Lord Fordring, and deliver it to High Overlord Saurfang. Use the portal.

Deliver the letter to High Overlord Saurfang at Orgrimmar.

To Saurfang of the Horde (Provided)


This quest starts in Eastern Plaguelands and ends in Orgrimmar.


An interesting turn of events.


Eitrigg is alive because of this paladin. He would have been executed had Lord Fordring not broken him out of Stratholme.

Tirion Fordring, to have sacrificed everything to save the life of an orc... Indeed, this is a rare event.

Yes. For Tirion Fordring and for Eitrigg! We will accept you as a member of the Horde and your order as allies.

Blood and honor! For the Horde!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 13,110 experience
  • 6,000 reputation with Orgrimmar


Players will find themselves outside the gates of a very unfriendly Orgrimmar. Any and all NPCs will show their displeasure and call for a rope or spit or throw rotten food.


  1.  [55] In Service Of The Lich King
  2.  [55] The Emblazoned Runeblade
  3.  [55] Runeforging: Preparation For Battle
  4.  [55] The Endless Hunger
  5.  [55] The Eye Of Acherus
  6.  [55] Death Comes From On High
  7.  [55] The Might Of The Scourge
  8.  [55] Report To Scourge Commander Thalanor
  9.  [55] The Scarlet Harvest
  10.  [55] If Chaos Drives, Let Suffering Hold The Reins
    • Side quest:  [55] Grand Theft Palomino &  [55] Into the Realm of Shadows
    • Side quest:  [55] Tonight We Dine In Havenshire
    • Side quest:  [55] Death's Challenge
    • Side quest:  [55] Abandoned Mail
  11.  [55] Gothik the Harvester
  12.  [55] The Gift That Keeps On Giving
  13.  [55] An Attack Of Opportunity
  14.  [55] Massacre At Light's Point
  15.  [55] Victory At Death's Breach!
  16.  [55] The Will Of The Lich King
    • Side quest:  [55] The Power Of Blood, Frost And Unholy
  17.  [55] The Crypt of Remembrance
    Side quest:  [55] The Plaguebringer's Request &  [55] Noth's Special Brew &  [55] More Skulls For Brew
  18.  [55] Nowhere To Run And Nowhere To Hide &  [55] Lambs To The Slaughter
  19.  [55] How To Win Friends And Influence Enemies
  20.  [55] Behind Scarlet Lines
  21.  [55] The Path Of The Righteous Crusader,  [55] Brothers In Death
  22.  [55] Bloody Breakout
  23.  [55] A Cry For Vengeance!
  24.  [55] A Special Surprise
  25.  [55] A Sort Of Homecoming
  26.  [55] Ambush At The Overlook
  27.  [55] A Meeting With Fate
  28.  [55] The Scarlet Onslaught Emerges
  29.  [55] Scarlet Armies Approach...
  30.  [55] The Scarlet Apocalypse
  31.  [55] An End To All Things...
  32.  [55] The Lich King's Command
  33.  [55] The Light of Dawn
  34.  [55] Taking Back Acherus
  35.  [55] The Battle For The Ebon Hold
  36.  [55] Where Kings Walk or  [55] Saurfang's Blessing

Quests Allowed for Blood Thirsty Challengers

Characters added to our site after Sept.27 2017 are being held to a new method of tracking quests. You are allowed to complete these quests on your Blood Thirsty Challenger. These are meant to allow you to play your intended class or race and get you access to certain zones, NOT as a method of leveling up.


Death Knights

You can complete all quests up to and including the quest where you meet your faction's leader.
Alliance: Where Kings Walk
Horde: Saurfang's Blessing

Demon Hunters

You can complete all quests up to and including the quest where you witness the teleportation of Dalaran to the Broken Isles: In the Blink of an Eye.



You can complete all quests up to and including the quest where you turn in the SI:7 emblem to Saurfang in Orgrimmar: Message for Saurfang.


You can complete all quests up to and including the quest where you meet the Pandaren faction leader. You can turn in A New Fate.
Alliance: Aysa Cloudsinger
Horde: Ji Firepaw


You can complete all quests up to and including the quest where you destroy the gunship: Endgame.


Mists of Pandaria

You can complete all quests up to and including: 
Alliance: Touching Ground
Horde: The Final Blow!


The introduction scenario quests are NOT ALLOWED. To access Draenor, you will need to use the campfire method (there is a campfire in an underwater cave on the Timeless Isle that teleports you to Gorgrond).


You are allowed to complete the quest In the Blink of an Eye.