Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Entrance & Location

Shadowmoon Burial Grounds is a dungeon introduced in Warlords of Draenor, set in Shadowmoon Valley. It features Ner'zhul as its end boss.


Shadowmoon Valley



End boss


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Sadana Bloodfury



Dungeon Journal

The traditional burial grounds of the Shadowmoon clan are the final resting place for countless generations of ancestors. The fallen chieftain Ner'zhul, in the depths of his depravity, has sacrificed the very soul of his clan in a desperate quest for power. Now the ancestral spirits are restless, tormented and used to fuel dark rituals that will pull all of Draenor into the void if allowed to run their course.

Quick Facts


  • Sadana Bloodfury ¨C Sadana Bloodfury is a powerful acolyte of the Shadowmoon clan, deeply connected to the lunar cycles. When the whispers of the dark star worked their way into the hearts of the Shadowmoon, Sadana followed her chieftain Ner'zhul into their clan's burial grounds, using her powers to lure the spirits of the dead for a twisted purpose.
  • Bonemaw ¨C Deep within the subterranean caverns under Shadowmoon Valley, the carrion worm Bonemaw has a symbiotic relationship with Ner'zhul's followers: The creature feasts upon the dead left in the wake of the Shadowmoon cult's dark rituals, and in return it serves as a formidable guardian of Ner'zhul's inner sanctum.
  • Ner'zhul ¨C Ner'zhul, chieftain and elder shaman of the Shadowmoon clan, sacrificed the heart and soul of his tribe in an attempt to join the Iron Horde. He has now retreated to his clan's ancient burial grounds as he ventures ever further along a dark path, embracing the power of the Void and the necromantic arts.
  • Nhallish ¨C When Ner'zhul tore the fabric of reality and allowed the Void to spill into the ritual burial grounds of the Shadowmoon clan, the malefic spirit Nhallish came through that rift in search of souls upon which to feed. Ancient and born of pure darkness, Nhallish seeks to devour all life.



  • Altar of Shadow
  • Crypt of the Ancients
  • Edge of Reality
  • Pools of Reflection
  • Whispering Hollows


  • [100] Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
Lunarfall Inn/Frostwall Tavern
  • [100D] The Void-Gate
    • [100] Whispers in the Darkness
  • [100H] Shadowy Secrets
    • [100] Secrets of Soulbinding
  • [100H] The Huntresses
    • [100] Fate of the Fallen


  • Sadana Bloodfury
  • Nhallish
  • Bonemaw
  • Ner'zhul


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