WoW Socrethar Mythic Difficulty

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Note that on Mythic difficulty, during Phase 2, Sargerei Dominators spawn once per portal phase, rather than once every minute as they do on Normal/Heroic difficulties.

Apocalyptic Felburst

Apocalyptic Felburst - run away
On Mythic Difficulty, the Soulbound Construct gains Apocalyptic Felburst, which summons a large orb of fel energy at the targeted location. This orb slowly falls from the sky and will detonate upon impact with the ground.
  • Apocalyptic Felburst deals fatal damage to players standing directly beneath it
  • It also deals heavy damage to all players in the raid, mitigated by distance from the Felburst's landing zone
  • Note that the Felburst spawning graphic is shared with the Fel Prison graphic, and either spell can be cast on the melee
  • Players must quickly move out of the Apocalyptic Felburst impact zone, but it is not necessary to move more than 10-15 yards away
  • The Soulbound Construct retains this ability after players take control of it, and it can be used against the adds in Phase 2
Apocalyptic Felburst occurs about 30 seconds into the fight, and every 30 seconds thereafter until players have defeated the Soulbound Construct. To mitigate the high damage from the Felburst, healers should consider using raid CDs (or the legendary ring effect) and players should use their personal defensive cooldowns when available.

Voracious Soulstalker

Soulstalker spawn graphic
Additionally, in Phase 1, Socrethar will summon Voracious Soulstalker adds to aid him. The first of these adds is summoned 20 seconds into the fight, and additional adds are summoned every minute until players defeat the Soulbound Construct.
  • Socrethar summons the Voracious Soulstalker at a random player's position; a dark purple swirling effect appears at the spawn point a few seconds beforehand
  • Once summoned, the Voracious Soulstalker will fixate on the nearest target, casting Eternal Hunger on the fixated player
  • Once locked on to a target, the Soulstalker will pursue it tirelessly, casting Devour continuously in a small cone in front of it
  • Any player within the Devour effect will suffer fatal damage
  • The Soulstalker gains Blooded Tracker while it pursues its target, gradually increasing its movement speed
  • When the Soulstalker's fixate target dies, if the Soulstalker is stunned, or when the Soulstalker reaches 50% health, it will reset its Blooded Tracker stacks and re-cast Eternal Hunger on the nearest target
  • At 50% health, the Soulstalker buffs itself with Unbound Will, becoming immune to Stun effects, and begins to cast the uninterruptible Soul Regeneration, healing itself to full before resuming its Eternal Hunger fixate
The Voracious Soulstalker can be handled in one of two ways, but both involve a designated player picking the Soulstalker up and kiting it around. In order to achieve this, the raid must be aware of when the Soulstalker is about to spawn, and watch carefully for the spell effect that marks its spawning location. The designated kiter - typically a Hunter - should run to within 5-10 yards of the spawn point and all other players should move away.

Voracious Soulstalkers cast Eternal Hunger and Devour
Once the designated kiter has the Eternal Hunger effect, players can prevent the kiter from dying to Devour by periodically stunning the Soulstalker.

One option for managing the Voracious Soulstalkers is to simply kite the adds until Phase 2 begins, then kill them with the Soulbound Construct.
  • Because Voracious Soulstalkers have the Socrethar's Contingency debuff, these adds can be quickly killed early in Phase 2 by the player-controlled Soulbound Construct
  • Voracious Soulstalkers do not appear to take quadruple damage from Apocalyptic Felburst, but they take very heavy damage from the Soulbound Construct's melee and Reverberating Blow effects
  • The strategy allows players to focus all their damage onto the Soulbound Construct to end Phase 1 more quickly
  • However, it does keep players occupied with kiting duties, and requires a lot of coordination of stun effects

Soulstalkers can be trapped in Fel Prison
The other option is to kite the Voracious Soulstalker into one of the Fel Prisons created during Phase 1, and keep them trapped for the rest of the fight.
  • While stunned by the Fel Prison effect, Soulstalkers are unable to cast their Unbound Will/ Soul Regeneration abilities
  • The first Fel Prison is spawned approximately 50 seconds into the fight, so the designated kiting player will need to use stuns and speed-enhancing effects to stay alive until the Prison has formed
  • The friendly Soulbound Construct can continue to cast traps on the two Soulstalkers for the remainder of the fight
While either option is viable, the trapping option is tricky if your raid is not going to kill Socrethar with a single Phase 1.

Reverberating Blow

Another change in Mythic difficulty is that the Soulbound Construct's Reverberating Blow now applies 6 stacks of Shattered Defenses each cast, instead of 3. Using 3 tanks will allow each tank to solo-soak one cast of Reverberating Blow, taking 5 stacks of Shattered Defenses (which is the cap). The Shattered Defenses will fall off before the 4th Reverberating Blow, so a rotation of 3 tanks will never require any other players to assist in soaking the stacks. The damage from this is very manageable with the tank's own CDs, since no tank is ever taking a Shattered Defenses-buffed Reverberating Blow. Alternatively, raids can use healer external CDs to allow the same tank to take all casts of Reverberating Blow, or to split the duties between both tanks; this does not require a third tank.

The rest of Phase 2's mechanics and strategy are identical to the Heroic version of the fight. Note that because the Sargerei Dominators have much higher health on Mythic difficulty, Socrethar will successfully complete more Exert Dominance casts, and each successful Exert Dominance cast depletes 15% of the Construct's health. This means that the Construct can only take 6 casts of Exert Dominance; a seventh will ensure players re-enter Phase 1, which will be difficult to recover from. However, the second Sargerei Dominator spawns while Socrethar is casting Apocalypse, and should be killed during that cast, such that no further Exert Dominance casts go off.