Legion Temple of Kotmogu Location:how to get to

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The Temple of Kotmogu (called "Valley of Power" in the Beta and by some outlets "Temple of Power") is a Murderball style battleground in Vale of Eternal Blossoms introduced with Mists of Pandaria.

Location Vale of Eternal Blossoms,Pandaria
Battleground info
Advised level 90
Minimum level 90
Player limit 10

Four artifacts (orig. a single artifact) in the middle of a large temple grounds. When a player picks up that artifact, they will grow larger, deal more damage, and start earning points for his team. Player with artifact also gets a stacking debuff that causes them to take increasingly more damage the longer they hold onto the artifact. The map is broken into three zones: an inner courtyard where you earn 5 points per tick, a plaza area that earns you 3 points per tick, and the rest of the zone, which is temple grounds and grassy terrain, earns you 1 point per tick. The damage debuff stacks per team, not per player, so you can't just toss the artifact back and forth to negate the damage debuff.


  • Tentatively called 'Valley of Power' when first announced at Blizzcon 2011.
  • A scenario was planned to play out here, also called the Temple of Kotmogu, however it did not make it out of the beta phase.