The Exodar to Kalimdor,How to get to Kalimdor from Exodar

The Exodar is the enchanted capital city of the draenei who chose to depart from Draenor. Formerly a dimensional ship satellite structure of the dimensional fortress known as Tempest Keep, it recently crashed on Azeroth. It is located in the westernmost part of Azuremyst Isle. The faction associated with the city, Exodar, is named after the ship itself.

Areas of Interest:

  • Seat of the Naaru: center circular area featuring banks, Auction House, O'ros the naaru, and general goods vendors.
  • The Crystal Hall: northern wing, featuring shaman, enchanting, first aid, fishing, jewelcrafting trainers, a crystal mine. Elemental Sapta used here will show the player numerous elementals for a minute.
  • The Vault of Lights: central tiered wing, holographic museum showing horrors of the Burning Legion, paladin, mage, portal, priest. alchemy, herbalism trainers, battlemasters, Prophet Velen.
  • Traders' Tier: profession, warrior, hunter trainers, guild vendors.

The Exodar to Kalimdor Transportation Methods

  • Boat from Rut'Theran Village in Teldrassil.
  • Portal located in the Temple of the Moon, Darnassus
  • Mages: Portal: Exodar/ Teleport: Exodar
  • Portal from Vale of Eternal Blossoms, second floor of Shrine of Seven Stars

Kalimdor (Titan and Darnassian for land of eternal starlight) is one of the continents of Azeroth. It is located to the west of the Eastern Kingdoms, southwest of Northrend and northwest of Pandaria. The Great Sea lies in between the continents. Kalimdor is home to the night elves, orcs,tauren, trolls, and draenei. Other races present include the ogres, centaur, naga, demons, and other, more minor races.

Kalimdor can be further divided into three major regions (western continents) known as North Kalimdor, Central Kalimdor, and South Kalimdor. Other sources vary on how it is divided. The World of Warcraft Manual divides it into the Northern Kalimdor and Southern Kalimdor regions. The various editions of the World of Warcraft Guide breaks it into Northern Kalimdor, Central Kalimdor, Southern Kalimdor, and Teldrassil regions. At least one map has divided it into the three regions of Durotar, Mulgore, and Kalimdor (shown through largest font size and caps), although the Durotar and Mulgore emphasis could just be the fact that the book talks about the Tauren and Orcs' new homelands throughout the book. A few maps however do not divide Kalimdor into separate continents and treat it as one single large landmass.

Kalimdor was primarily the domain of the night elves in the ten thousand years between the War of the Ancients and the Battle of Mount Hyjal. In the years since the battle, night elf dominion has given way as the tauren adopted a more centralized system and accepted their allies, the orcs and the trolls into their midst. The recent arrival of the draenei adds a new power to the map.

Now, however, the continent is a politically divided one, the Horde have established strong control in the central and eastern areas while the night elves, now aided by the draenei, preserve footholds in northwestern areas.