Tyrant Velhari Notable Trash Mobs

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As players exit the Amphitheater of the Eternal, they must interrupt a ritual being performed on the Eredar Lord Aram'el, who is suspended in the air by the power of four Demon Portals. Players must deactivate these portals to release Lord Aram'el from the Demonic Barrier and gain access to the Temple of Tyranny where Tyrant Velhari can be found.

Demon Portals

Click the Demon Portal to deactivate
To deactivate the Demon Portals, players must simply click on them. However, there are obstacles in the way:
  • A Portal Guardian guards each portal, and will deal heavy Fire damage to players in front of him with Hellfire Slash
  • A Somber Guardian patrols the hall, and will periodically buff other enemies with Guardian's Watch
  • Darkcaster Adepts cast Shadow Bolts at random players
  • Grim Collaborator casts Corrupting Slash at players in front of him, causing the affected players to take 25% additional damage but deal 50% additional damage
  • The Umbral Supplicant will cast Unholy Aegis when brought below 50% health; the cast cannot be conventionally interrupted
  • Unholy Aegis prevents 90% of the damage dealt to the Supplicant, and also inflicts heavy AoE damage on the raid for 12 seconds
  • Players can stun the Supplicant as it reaches 50% health, or as it begins to cast Unholy Aegis, and should then burn the Supplicant down quickly
  • Stunning the Supplicant while it is buffed by Unholy Aegis will not reduce the raid damage; the damage keeps pulsing
In addition to all these enemies, the portals themselves will summon constant waves of Shadowheart Fiends and Slavering Hounds.
  • Shadowheart Fiends cast Shadowflame Blast at random players, dealing moderate damage and putting up small healing-absorption shields on the affected players
  • This damage and healing-absorption effect splash to other players within 3 yards of the target, so players should spread out slightly
  • Slavering Hounds will cast Terrifying Howl every 30 seconds, applying a 3-second fear effect to nearby players
  • Due to this fear effect, players may want to pull these trash packs back into Socrethar's room to avoid pulling additional packs

Lord Aram'el

Unholy Aegis
Once all four Demon Portals are deactivated, Lord Aram'el will descend and engage players in combat. He will repeatedly cast Shadow Bolt Volley, which will deal moderate Shadow damage to all players. Shadow Bolt Volley damage also leaves a debuff on the affected players, increasing their Shadow damage taken by 15% per stack. This spell can be interrupted.

When Aram'el is defeated, the door toward the Temple of Tyranny will open.

Umbral Supplicants

The corridor toward the Temple of Tyranny contains packs of several Umbral Supplicants. Players should mark one Supplicant to focus on, and chain single-target stuns and other incapacitating crowd-control effects as the marked Supplicant reaches 50% health. This should prevent - or at least drastically reduce - the amount of damage the raid takes from Unholy Aegis.

These Supplicants are accompanied by Eredar Faithbreakers, who will target random players with Hellfire Blast.
  • This ability summons a small ball of flames that will chase the target for 30 seconds or until detonated
  • The Hellfire Blast will detonate if it strikes any player in its path
  • The detonation deals heavy Fire damage to players in its area of effect
  • If the Hellfire Blast has not detonated at the end of its 30 second duration, it will fizzle, dealing moderate Fire damage to all players


The faint dome is Hallowed Sanctum
In Tyrant Velhari's room, players will encounter three mini-bosses, who will use abilities similar to the adds that will spawn during the Tyrant Velhari encounter.
  • Vindicator Bramu will cast Enforcer's Onslaught, summoning a ball of Roaring Flames that will create Searing Blazepatches beneath the feet of all players struck by its effect
  • Protector Bajunt will protect his allies with Hallowed Sanctum; this cannot be interrupted, so tanks must move enemies out from beneath its effect
  • Adjunct Kuroh will cast Dark Revival, which resurrects Protector Bajunt and Vindicator Bramu with full health
  • Kuroh will also cast Harbinger's Mending, which will heal allies if not interrupted
This trash also includes Grim Collaborators, Somber Guardians, and Umbral Supplicants.