Wow Exodar Life Staff

Exodar Life-Staff
Item Level 120
Binds when equipped
Two-Hand Staff
58 - 87 Damage Speed 3.20
(22.69 damage per second)
+135 Intellect
+30 Stamina
+27 Versatility (' + LANG.tooltip_changelevel + '')" onmousemove="$WH.Tooltip.cursorUpdate(event)" onmouseout="$WH.Tooltip.hide()">0.07% @ L110)

Prismatic Socket
Prismatic Socket
Prismatic Socket
Socket Bonus: +4 Versatility

Durability 120 / 120
Requires Level 70
Sell Price: 12 51 49
Dropped by: Doom Lord Kazzak
Drop Chance: 14.76%

The history of the Exodar is a short one, as the draenei only recently raised it around the husk of their crashed ship, which is still smoking from the impact. The Exodar was once a naaru satellite structure around the dimensional fortress Tempest Keep. The Exodar contains a large amount of technological wonders (due to its origins lying with the Tempest Keep) such as magically enchanted "wires" which transport holy energy throughout the ship to power the heating and lighting.