Wow Shattrath City Bank

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Shattrath City has two banks based on the outer rim of the Terrace of Light. The bank in the southeast is controlled by the Scryers, and the one on the northwest is controlled by the Aldor. Alliance and Horde can access either bank, but a player associated with the Scryers cannot access the bank controlled by the Aldor, and a player associated with Aldor cannot access the bank controlled by the Scryers.


  • Shattrath is probably taken from an Arabic word, which means "sacred". It is associated with Masjidil Haram in Mecca.
  • Its layout (circular, with a crystalline object/entity in the center, an open shaft in the ceiling, niches/balconies around) is similar to the Castle in "Dark Crystal", a movie the neighboringSkettis race is also based on.

Shattrath City is the old capital city of the draenei, located in the northwestern part of Talador. The Iron Horde under Blackhand seized the city and used it as a staging ground, though were driven out by the draenei, the Frostwolf clan, and heroes from Azeroth. Later, the treacherous Socrethar of the Sargerei took control of the city with the aid of Burning Legion agents.

The Auchenai led by Exarch Maladaar, aided by the Sunsworn led by Lady Liadrin, seek to retake the city and place it back under the draenei's rule.


  • By level 100, Shattrath's state is almost the opposite of how players will recognize it from the main timeline. The city is primarily hostile, its residents displaced and driven out by the Iron Horde and later the Burning Legion, and instead of comprising two rivalling factions, the draenei and blood elves stationed there work together to remove the Legion presence and reinstall the city's rightful rulers.
  • Even though the Unbroken short story described Shattrath City similarly as it is seen on Outland, WoD's game design completely changed the appearance of the city on Draenor, ignoring some of the description from the short story. However, areas like the Lower City and the Terrace of Light would be under the central dome of the intact city.
  • Crystals from the Jorune Mine are used to power Auchindoun and Shattrath.