Wow Shrine Of Two Moons Portal

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Horde Orgrimmar
Horde Undercity
Horde Thunder Bluff
Horde Silvermoon City
Neutral Shattrath City
Neutral Dalaran

Shrine of Two Moons is the Horde city hub in Pandaria. It has an Auction House, profession vendors and trainers, Challenge Mode vendors, faction quartermasters, banks, portals, and more.

Getting to Shrine of Two Moons

The shrine is located at the northeast side of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, the top-level zone in Pandaria. Until a certain quest is completed, the main entrance to the Vale is closed to outsiders. The standard method for getting to the shrine involves completing a small quest chain to open the entrance, starting with H [87] A Celestial Experience in Kun-Lai Summit.

An alternative, back-road method involves getting on top of the wall surrounding the Vale and falling into the zone. Once in Pandaria, this can be done with relative ease via the guard tower at the southwest corner of Kun-Lai Summit.